Sonny’s Land Deals Didn’t Matter to 58% of the Voters. What about the IRS?

As many of you have pointed out on these pages, 58% of the voters didn’t seem to care about Sonny’s various land deals.  Check out today’s AJC – will the IRS care? When will Stan Thomas start talking to the feds?


  1. Todd For Georgia says:


    Please keep doing what you’re doing because it is helping us and you’re laying the foundation for many years of Republican majority. Thanks!

    As for Sonny, he is a good man doing a good job.

    As for the IRS, this is a perfect example of why we should eliminate the IRS. We need to eliminate all income taxes (Federal and State) and replace these taxes with a consumption tax. Because of the complicated tax schemes developed by counties on property, by the state on most income and assets, and by the federal government on everything we earn and acquire, the people in this State have become fed up. I don’t think Sonny should have been forced to sell the land and buy new land to protect his asset. And, I don’t think the IRS should have the power to make American citizens sell property because they can’t afford to pay taxes on property they inherit. The bottom line is we’re over taxed by a very complicated tax system that needs to be simplified. We look forward to simplifying taxes for all Georgians soon.

    BTW, I’ve got some Florida swamp land I’d like to sell you. Any interest?

  2. rightofcenter says:

    Bobby, let’s make a deal.
    We’ll let the IRS decide whether or not the 1031 exchange was done properly, and to decide on any remedies in the event that they decide that it wasn’t. In return, you and your minions at the AJC will spare us from this obsession you share with Sonny Perdue. Deal?

  3. atlantaman says:

    The irony is that a couple of months ago Bobby Kahn and the rest of the Dems suspiciously accused Sonny of getting a sweetheart deal. I remember quotes like, “That land has got to be worth more then $2,000,000” and “Who did they get to do such a low appraisal.” Now it’s the exact opposite – the land is only worth $100,000 and he shouldn’t have qualified for the 1031 exchange.

    Perhaps the IRS is going to disallow the “carry forward” I really don’t know, it certainly wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The best appraisal of real estate is what someone most recently paid for it.

    Talk about being dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.

  4. Dawgfan says:

    Ah, Chris it’s no longer Sonny’s money. You see there was this transaction and a closing. Doncuments were signed, funds we exchanged, things were deeded, lawyers were involved, and then it was Stan’s money. Then he could do with it as he pleased. That’s America.

  5. Bobby Kahn says:

    And, if Stan gets his way at GRTA, DNR, EPD, DOT or any number of other state agencies, then it could become Sonny’s money again. For the land to be worth anything is wholly dependent on the adjoining property, which just happens to belong to Stan Thomas. That’s America, but its also the New Georgia, where the Governor’s assets are not placed in a blind trust, giving rise to these types of questions.

    So here we are. We were wrong. The land is not worth what the adjoining land is worth. Silly us, we did not believe that Sonny would buy worthless property. It did not occur to us that he was a tax cheat, at least not at this level.

    Finally, it is one thing to spin, or stonewall the press. It is quite another matter when the feds come calling — both for Sonny Perdue and Stan Thomas.

  6. AlanSmithee says:

    Perdue and his supporters are making a mistake if they try to ignore the issues surrounding his personal business dealings and simply attack the press every time a question is asked.

    Lest we forget, Nixon was re-elected in 1972 in a massive landslide, and resigned from office less than 2 years later.

  7. fishtail says:

    Bobby Kahn is right. If Sonny and Stan had an informal agreement for Sonny to “park” his $2 million for awhile in order to beat Federal and State taxes, then that is what is called tax fraud. Or, if Sonny trusted Stan, then he paid Stan way too much for worthless property and got screwed by his buddy. It’s very likely one of these scenarios….either Sonny is a crook or just dumb. What else could it be?

  8. Gag Halfrunt says:

    58% of the electorate is now irrelevant. Sonny’s new audience might be 12 members of a federal jury.

  9. Trackboy1 says:

    Remember when Sonny Do canceled school for TWO DAYS statewide because of a made-up “gas crisis”, and it turned out it was because lobbyists begged him to? And the Dem’s didn’t mention it once during the campaign.

    Cancel TWO school days for every freaking school in the state because of lobbyists, wreaking havoc for parents with no prior notice, and the Dem’s couldn’t do anything with that. Sonny and his behind the scenes guys are just flat-out smarter than Mr. Kahn, they are brazen about being smarter and impervious to AJC attacks, and they have cajones, unlike every single Dem leader in the state.

    The Liberterians in GA might be a stronger party than the Dem’s 10 years from now…

    P.S. And Dem’s couldn’t even make a stand for middle-income families with severely ill kids regarding the “Katie Beckett Waiver”.
    Georgia Dem’s: We are the Minor Leagues and working hard to keep it that way!

    Lost in the controversy over her testy relationship with the governor is the subject of Saltzman’s report.
    In 1981, Julie Beckett, an Iowa mom of a disabled child, appealed to President Ronald Reagan to drop restrictions on Medicaid payments to middle-income families with severely ill kids. Reagan did, and Beckett’s child, Katie, recovered to the extent that she graduated from college and now advises the government on disabilities. Reagan’s program is dubbed the “Katie Beckett Waiver.”
    Perdue’s administration has taken a strict approach to the waivers, at first demanding co-pays from the often financially devastated families. Children are disqualified when schools report they’re making progress.
    “I know the administration says [cutbacks] are because of federal mandates,” says Pat Nobbie, deputy director of the Governor’s Commission on Developmental Disabilities. “But in reality, the federal government doesn’t care.”
    The total state cost of waivers is a relative pittance, about $10 million a year — 0.7 percent of the state’s Medicaid budget. And the Legislature this year unanimously passed Democrat-sponsored emergency funding of $7.3 million for families that have been kicked off the Medicaid program. But unless Perdue changes course, children will continue to be ousted.
    Heidi Moore of Alpharetta, the mom of a child with Down syndrome, leads an advocacy group for Katie Beckett Waiver parents. “We’re talking about the most vulnerable citizens in Georgia, 6,500 families,” she says. “Under Perdue, more than 2,000 families have lost the Medicaid funding. That’s just cruel. And that’s why he was so vicious with Wendy Saltzman. He’s really afraid of this story.”

  10. RandyMiller says:

    Damn! We were all blinded because this is sooooo easy to see!
    Like how HM The Queen knocked off Di; and how W got those
    guys to sabotage their aircraft into the trade towers, pentagon and a field
    in PA. Maybe I need to start reading Michael Ruppert!!!

  11. fishtail says:

    This story is getting legs…our middle Georgia Macon Telegraph has this version at

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