Who’s leaving Bono hanging?

There was something about this article that jumped out at me,  Democrats leave Bono disappointed. 

Take away the political discussion of it and look at this quote by Bono, “I don’t know who to blame. Democrats are blaming Republicans. Republicans are blaming Democrats. But the million people who were expecting (mosquito) bed nets don’t know who to blame. They just know that a promise made by the United States to keep their families safe is in danger of being broken next year.”

I think that many people feel like Bono in terms of politics these days; Republicans say one thing, Democrats another, but yet, politics is continued to be played on important issues facing our country.  


  1. gatormathis says:

    As a 25 yr plus fan of Bono and his Irish friends, I always stop to read content bearing his name.

    And as big a fan as I am, I still have to ask a question or two of a man making such demands from the USA .

    Is his citizenship here or in Ireland?

    If people are complaining about spending so much money on healthcare and other services for illegal aliens here working, what will they say about spending it on non-citizens abroad not contributing anything to our system here?

    I mean, Africa has a lot of high dollar exports considering diamonds, tourism, oil, and all kinds of exotic crops.

    Surely the movie industry has returned millions to the regions for as many hours of video backdrop as the country has offered over all the years.

    Warlords all over have no problem procuring weapons of all shapes and sizes, maybe their Army Surplus dealer would throw in a few thousand nets.

    Now if you think I’m being cynical, I’m not.

    I feel the same about all the different factions across the world, still trying to conquer and kill one another.

    Anytime you see a tank or any other computer operated diesel powered behemoth killing machine, driving down a road, by a field with oxen and hand labor (primitive at it’s best) for a backdrop, realize one thing.

    You are in the presence of fools.

    To destroy mankind, you have the most technologically advanced machinery capable of swiftly reducing populations in moments, riding around with a load of men, burning fuel all day, and possibly expending life.

    To preserve mankind, you have people working with their bare hands, crude hand tools and implements, oxen or other animal power, third world seeds and crop nutrients, and a harvesting system that would rival the Flintstones.

    A hell of a lot of you on here claim to be some of the smartest sum-bitches in the world.

    Whether you’re in that category or not, I propose a hypothetical question on the above two destroy/preserve scenarios.

    Which one will win out?

    The answer boils down to the words between Josey Wales and the Indian Chief towards the end.

    There’s just gotta be a way people can live together without just killing and butchering and hating one another so bad all the time.

    I told an old time soldier one time, if all the manpower and resources on both sides that was expended in World War II had have been used in a “constructive” manner, everybody could’ve had a new house with a Volkswagen under the carport.

    He smiled and said one battleship would have probably made a million Volkswagens. Then he said with the heartache I seen and the buddies I lost, that would have been a lot less painful.

    Y’all all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and all the other ways to end the year.

    Maybe next year will be better, but I imagine it’s still going to be up to you to make it happen.


    And Goodwill to all.

    Bono, come see me sometime.


  2. John Galt says:

    Whatever happened to DDT? Seems to me that if you want to get rid of the mosquito problem, you kill all the mosquitos, not put up nets.

    You can’t negotiate with mosquitos.

  3. David says:

    I thought the USA was the origin of all current evil in the world!?!?

    So, if we’re so darn bad go bother someone else about donating taxpayer subsidized things to help with your internal problems like tsunamis or disease bearing mosquitos.

    Show us a little gratitude once in a while and we might help…

  4. gatormathis says:

    John Galt,
    There you go, that’s just what I’m talking about.

    Spray them, protect from them, but surely this country that exports so much to the USA, can afford to look after it’s own.

    But then again, they have dictators and warlords, a much more efficient system of government management going on.

    One man takes up the money, and one man spends it.

    Inquiring minds don’t last long.

    They sleep in palaces and literally “live like kings”. Most certainly, a bug never lights on their ass.

    These kind of folks mostly don’t care how many bugs crawl over their servant populace, as they rest trying to ready for another day of mandatory toil.

    And it reminds me of an earlier blog post I made.

    Here Hussein had helicopters rigged with cropdusting sprayers to deliver toxins over people to make them subvert or die.

    Yet the agarian sector probably applied minute amounts of crop improving materials by hand, and produced sub-par crops.

    Here you have idiots in charge who are heavily outfitting those who decimate life, and sparsely compensating the individuals who provide the sustaining nourishment to allow the turmoil to continue on.

    I read about how they drove tanks over the farmer’s fields and smashed their crops.

    Somebody drive across my field, now that’ll really piss me off.

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