More on Barr

Reason has an interview with Bob Barr on his decision to join the Libertarian Party, civil liberties and if he plans to run for President.

reason: Are you going to make a Libertarian run for president?

Barr: No. I’m contemplating no runs for any office. I’m delighted to be asked to work in this capacity for the Libertarian Party, and I’m going to work on range of issues. But I’m not a candidate.

There you have it.


  1. drjay says:

    so y’all are basing the idea that he is not running fo office on the fact that he said he is not running for office??? i guess since politicians have never changed their mind and run for something after swearing it off profusely???

  2. Jason Pye says:


    I’m basing it on thing that went on behind the scenes over the last three weeks since Barr joined the party…discussions with our national party and so on.

    It appears that he means what he says.

  3. liberty21 says:

    Jason Pye,
    Don’t be so guilable. Most presidential candidates say 1 year or 1 1/2 before they decide to run say they won’t. Hillary Clinton said a year ago she won’t run, then now she got James Carville planning a election startegy for her campaign for President. She will be running for President and is planning right now with James Carville and other. She probably will make her offical announcement next year 2007. I would not be suprised if BoB Barr tries to seek the Libertarian nomination for President. He would be the second republican congressmen that sought a Libertarian nomination for president. The first one was Ron Paul in 1988. He got the nomination.

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