Exploratory Committee for Vernon?

Maybe he’s formed one, maybe he hasn’t:

Is Vernon Jones running for U.S. Senate?

The chief executive officer of DeKalb County, who has publicly toyed with the idea, couldn’t be reached Monday to confirm the veracity of an e-mail sent to news organizations indicating he has formed an exploratory committee for U.S. Senate.

No paperwork has been recorded with the proper federal agencies, but Jamie Gray, who identified himself as a volunteer with the Vernon Jones for Georgia Committee and answered the phone number at the bottom of the e-mail, said Jones, who has described himself as a “conservative Democrat,” is indeed considering a run for the office.

“He’s formed an exploratory committee to look into his options for running for Senate in 2008,” Gray said. He said Jones filed papers with the Federal Election Commission sometime last week.

But that agency hasn’t received such paperwork.


  1. Trackboy1 says:

    Good luck, VJ. Some of Mr. CEO’s greatest hits:

    “As the old saying goes: ‘You don’t get into a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.’ I want to apologize for aggravating the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by saying DeKalb County government’s hiring practices are better than the AJC’s and Cox Enterprises’ hiring practices. I want to plead with the AJC, ‘I’se tired. Please don’t whup me no mo!’ I don’t know how many ways I can say it: I have not, will not and shall not condone racism in DeKalb County’s hiring practices. In the words of a great American, Forrest Gump, ‘That’s all I gotta say about that!'”
    — From Jones’ May 18 letter to the editor

    Asked if his bodyguards follow him on social outings, Jones’ sarcastic reply helped cement the perception of the CEO as a man high on his own fumes: “When the president goes out or Rudy Giuliani goes on a date, does someone go with him?”
    Lance Robertson, Jones’ deputy chief of staff, was charged with false imprisonment after being accused of sexual assault by a 19-year-old girl. Police arrested Robertson at an Atlanta house owned by Jones that should have been listed on the CEO’s financial disclosure, but wasn’t.
    Three current and former county employees, all of them white, sued Jones for racial discrimination, claiming he had professed a desire for a “darker administration.”
    Jones was blasted for attending the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens on a secret junket funded by the county development authority, and for reportedly telling his staff not to reveal where he’d gone.
    Shortly after Jones’ re-election last summer, DeKalb police Chief Eddie Moody abruptly resigned, later claiming Jones used a go-between to pressure him into retirement after he refused to take the heat for the CEO’s security detail.



    The background checks were conducted on: Teresa Greene-Johnson, Ron Marshall, Commissioner Elaine Boyer, Eric Stirgus, Ben Smith, Richard Belcher, Gwen Keyes, Commissioner Hank Johnson, Jennifer French-Parker, Saundra Davis, Javoyne Hicks, Deputy Police Chief Ron Dykes, Assistant Police Chief Moses Ector, Superior Court Judge Clarence Seelinger, DeKalb Tax Commissioner Tom Scott, Steen Miles, Margaret Schuelke, Priscilla Moody, Congresswomen Denise Majette and former Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney.

    Greene-Johnson and Marshall ran against CEO Jones in the Democratic primary in July, and Boyer has been a strong critic of the CEO. Stirgus and Smith are reporters for the AJC, Belcher is a TV anchor for WSB and Parker is a publisher of a small DeKalb County newspaper. Keyes is the Democratic candidate for DeKalb district attorney, Davis is a former DeKalb law department employee who unsuccessfully ran for State Court judge, and Hicks is the widow of County Attorney Charles Hicks who committed suicide last month. Miles is a Democratic candidate for the Georgia Senate, Shuelke is the Assistant Director of Program Operations of the DeKalb Police Department and Moody is the wife of former DeKalb County Police Chief Eddie Moody, who claims her husband was forced into retirement by CEO Jones.



  2. David says:

    Delusions! No way will he win a statewide race for one of the major offices like Gov or Senator . Ask Andy Young or Denise Majette.

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