1. Chris says:


    I’d disagree about “creative class” areas being high tax/big government.

    Yes, Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston are very big government. But look at several other areas that are growing rapidly: Metro Atlanta, Phoenix, Austin, Salt Lake.

    NY, Boston and NoCal have a large creative class due to their age. NY & Boston were the business capitals of this country for the first 300+ years. It wasn’t until air travel and telecommunications became cheaper that people started moving out of those areas. NoCal is similar with regard to the Tech sector and has the added advantage of a really nice climate.

    I can attest that Georgia Tech is reponsible for many people I know moving to Atlanta. Most have stayed because of the small goverment nature of Georgia Politics.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Erick, you’re very misinformed. The creative coast is not a high tax area. We are flourishing in new knowledge based jobs that are the wave of the future of job growth. They are high paying jobs too.

  3. RiverRat says:

    The idea is about creating places people want to be, places people either want to move to or places people don’t want to leave. More and more, people are returning to cities and towns because they have what this article calls a “sense of place”. You might be correct, however, in noticing that cities do have higher taxes, typically. This is pretty much true in even the reddest of states and reddest of cities. Aren’t Sandy Springs residents paying higher taxes now?

  4. Rusty says:

    It seems to me that places that center around the “creative class�? tend to have higher taxes, social spending, and eventually less business.

    Proof, please. Ya thx bye.

  5. VictoratGaImproper says:

    Sunday 12/17/06


    Whatever happened to the theory that if we just passively sat back and watched while our manufacturing jobs got shipped overseas the information age was going to fill the gap and provide unlimited job opportunities for Georgians?

    Is there a city in Georgia for Insurance Customer Service called New Dehli? i’ve talked to them, just can’t remember driving through there lately. What happened to our Balance of Trade? How much money does the U.S. Owe foreign Bond Holders? Who really controls our fate?

    Maybe we should start learning Chinese as our official language as they control our commerce and have an undistracted army these days?

    Let’s create a new board game based on Monopoly called Global Economic Limbo- How Low can you go?

    p.s. quick ga economic i.q. test = (where did the repeating socio/economic cycle of: 1 Laborer, 2 Warrior, 3 Intellectual, 4 Acquisitor originate?)

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