Casey Is Stretching His Legs

Over education spending.

Stopping Thursday in Macon as part of a thank-you tour across the state, Lt. Gov.-elect Casey Cagle said the complicated funding formula that determines how much state money local school systems receive should be replaced.

“We need to start all over,


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Casey hasn’t even been sworn into the office of Lt. Governor yet ugavi. I’m sure that he’s also consulted with the Gov on his agenda. Also, remember that the Senate is a seperate and equal entity as part of the legislative branch of government.

  2. This is great for Perdue. Right now he’s been underfunding the QBE result for local school districts every year he has been in office. Sounds like it is time to “rewrite” the formula so it no longer calls for as big of a state contribution. Viola! The underfunding stops.

    Seems like they want to reduce or eliminate state spending as much as possible to push it off to the counties. Great for Cherokee and Forsyth (I guess) who are probably net contributors compared to a place like Ware or Charlton. Not so good long term for Republicans.

    First of all the Wares and Charlton’s of the world will not like having to fund stuff all by themselves. Secondly, eventually the county commissions and school boards of places like Cobb and Gwinnett will be taken over by Democrats and local control of education won’t sound so great to the Republicans in East Cobb and Buford anymore.

    Casey at the bat!

  3. Old School Politics says:

    Beware my friend Casey Cagle dont unload too fast. QBE has been in place since Governor Joe Frank Harris birthed it in 1985. From my observations Gov. Perdue’s IE2 Commission which is being chaired by Dean Alford and is suppose to replace QBE and is an honest attempt to solve the education funding issue. This process is going to take a long time and it’s very very complicated. I would recommend sitting down with Dean Alford and listening to what the commission has been doing for the past two years.

  4. Ah heck, don’t do a thing. Don’t follow through on an agenda that you espoused through a hotly contested primary that so many of us embraced. Heck, just play politics and throw your hands up and say nothing can be done….

    Of course this is just sarcasm. Imagine a leader who actually works to establish his agenda.

    Good job Casey!

  5. liberty21 says:

    I am not like Maurice Atkinson a Republican State Committee Person, I am wondering why only us at Georgia Politics Unfiltered are covering the DPG state chair race. Congressional Candidate Jim Nelson joined the race for DPG State Chairmen and Former Secretary of State candidate Angela Moore is running for First Vice Chairmen. The DPG Chair Race will be very competitive between Jim Nelson and Gwinnett County Democratic Party Chairmen Mike Berlon. Angela Moore will be running against
    State Sen. Gloria Butler in the First Vice Chairmen Race. We will find out the winner in January when the DPG State Committee votes.

  6. shep1975 says:

    For the most part, there is not enough votes to override a voteo by Sonny. Lame duck or not, neither Casey Cagle or Glenn Richardson can sign their legislation into law. Given that they both are looking at real estate on West Paces Ferry in ’10, they will be constantly trying to one-up each other.

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