A Sign of Times to Come

This is small potatoes – to most people outside Cleveland, Ga. anyway. A newly elected member of the White County commission is encouraging his local supporters to join the county Republican Party. He’s hoping that he can stack the organization and steer the group in a new, more “conservative” direction.

A total of 56 local residents, many of them Campbell supporters and/or foes of the new mountain protection ordinance, submitted applications and paid a $25 fee to join the local GOP on Dec. 1. Josh Turner, Campbell’s campaign manager and a leader of the group registration, said the new members hope to make the local party more conservative, like the national and state GOP.

“They (current officers Bobby Valentine, John Jordan and Cindy Johannsen) are not right-wing conservatives,


  1. The most extreme partisans on both sides ALWAYS want to turn further away from the center in the face of a big loss, like the national loss the Republicans faced and the state loss the Democrats faced.

    Those partisans are almost always wrong and acting in a destructive manner. Therefor, I hope White County fever spreads throughout Georgia and the country in the Republican party.

  2. liberty21 says:

    What is wrong with moderate Republicans. There have been many moderate Republican Governors and cogressmen. I have always believed the more conservative a state gets on economic issues its forgets about the people that elected them. The interests of workers and voters that elected them. Look what happenened to the GOP on november 7th.

  3. ColinATL says:

    I’m sure the Republicans will scare up a few boogeymen to unite the party when needed. (Liberal Pelosi, Kommunist Kennedy, the Marrying Homosexual)

  4. Thank the lord. I hope the GOP get’s torn in two permanently! Let the right wing freaks go off & start their own talibanesque christian “conservative” party. . . . . Hannity/Falwell ’08, I can see it now!

    The other half of the party (the fiscally conservative socially libertarian wing) would be liberated from these whack-jobs & would probably win my vote most of the time.

    Until that day comes (and I am not holding my breath) I’ll continue voting straight Dem.

  5. John Galt says:

    Candler Park (and others?),
    It’s not as black and white, cut and dried as “social conservatives” vs. “fiscal conservatives.” In the Republican Party those beliefs are often held by the same person.

    The problem we have in the Republican Party is that the people who are moderate on the fiscal issues too often assume power – Republicans like who oppose less taxes and spending like Sen. Olympia Snowe, governors who jack up the sin taxes and groups like the Republican Main Street Project. The moderates are the ones tearing the party asunder, not conservatives, be they of the “social” or “fiscal” stripe.

  6. mercergirl says:

    Whoa John I totally disagree- and you have just showed that you didn’t pay attention to the last election.

    The recent trend has been towards “puritanical” conservatives in the Republican party. However, if you look back to Goldwater that wasn’t the main focus. And we have gotten off track- the most recent budget deficits prove it. Granted, I personally think you have to spend money in order to make it… but that is neither here nor there. These religious conservatives spend so much time quoting the Bible to back up their policies that they have lost track of the Republican core- and the voters this past election showed that.

    I think that this past election is the best thing to happen to our party. It shows people want moderate politics, not extremists.

  7. mercergirl says:

    Also, let me note here- I just read the article. My fiances family has lived in White County for sometime. They also happen to be Republicans. And they are for this ordinance being passed- they say it will not allow people to build on the tops of mountains. Which will be good for White County because the mountains help make it so beautiful.

  8. John Galt says:

    Get your head out of the clouds atop your beautiful mountains. “Moderation” has never and will never solve a fiscal or social problem. The reason the GOP lost control of the House and Senate is because the “moderates” wouldn’t allow conservatives to enact conservative fiscal policies.

    Pay attention to reality.

  9. John Galt, I fervently hope that the leaders of your party think as you do & follow your advice that their problem in these last elections was being “too moderate”.

    Whatcha need to do is to purge your party of these damn moderates! Olympia Snowe, friggin communist RINO (& a yankee to boot)! Toss them all out of your party, they make your powerful conservative essence impure!

  10. mercergirl says:

    Hey John-

    Here’s an idea, why don’t you not be a jackass? I am entitled to my opinion. There was no reason for you to refer to the mountains like that unless you care to actually speak on the issue in White County.

    But hey.. since you went there. The reality is something you are not paying attention to- why don’t you take a look at Erick’s latest front post?

    People like you are the reason why the Republican party is in serious danger of becoming a complete minority for years to come.

  11. DougieFresh says:

    The moderates are the problem, and it is not because of their stance on issues, it is there lack of spine.

    People do not want to elect leaders who cave to public whims and back down on every fight. This is what the moderates do time and time again.

    Voters want a strong leader who is willing to take a position that might at first be unpopular, but is right, and then proceed to sell it to the people. Ronald Reagan was a master of this. Republicans have decided to rule by hot button topic instead of core philosophy. That is a trait of the moderate, not the conservative. (Of course I do not consider fundies to be conservatives, they are Socialists who evoke the name of god.)

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