Political Potpourri/ Open Thread.

Feel free to talk about one of the items below or anything else on your mind.

Johnson named to House Armed Services Committee

“One of our first orders of business, as Speaker-designate Pelosi has announced, will be to address the recommendations of the recently released bipartisan Iraq Study Group,” Johnson said. “I believe this path positions us in the right direction to ultimately, but responsibly, bring our brave troops home.”

State to side with county on Potter

It’s still unknown if Harry Potter will ultimately prevail over Lord Voldemort, but it appears the well-known fictional wizard will remain in Gwinnett County schools.

The state Board of Education voted Wednesday to include in its consent agenda a decision to sustain the Gwinnett County Board of Education’s decision to keep the Harry Potter series in local school media centers.

DOT rethinks decision to ax communities

The good news: the Georgia Department of Transportation has reconsidered its decision to wipe Jake, Six Mile and nearly 500 other small, mostly rural communities off the new 2007 official state map. At least on the next state map with special large print.

The bad news: While the DOT will reinstate any community with its own ZIP code few of those communities have their own zips.


  1. mercergirl says:

    How about the fact that Senator Tim Johnson had a stroke (or was it a heart attack?) and now the “balance of power” might be in check… or something like that.

  2. David says:

    Or how the media is doing the “dance of death” around his bed in hopes of getting a “balance of power” story? My bet is Johnson will be fine and not give the media the collective orgasm it desires.

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