Legislative Agenda: Education

With the 2007 Legislative Session almost upon us, it’s no surprise that education is at the top of many people’s agenda. As Bull Moose pointed out here, Lt. Governor-Elect Cagle has named education his top priority. Jason Pye told us about Sen. Johnson’s bill to introduce a little choice into Georgia’s school system.

Two other stories about education are worth mentioning. First, Governor Perdue has renewed his effort to protect the Hope Scholarship:

Prior to Perdue taking office in 2003, lawmakers had used more than $1.8 billion in lottery revenue on things other than HOPE and pre-k, such as satellite dishes, metal detectors and construction projects.

“We want to make sure all those lottery funds are directed at HOPE and pre-k and nothing else,” Perdue said. “That has been my practice. “There is nothing like something being written into the constitution to give us the right incentive to do the right thing.”

Also, Rep. Clay Cox of Lilburn has prefiled a Constitutional Amendment to require local School Superintendents to be elected:

Electing school superintendents was the norm in Georgia until 1993, when the state Constitution was changed to require local school boards to appoint their superintendents.

Allowing superintendents to be elected would make them more accountable to the public, Cox said Thursday. “Someone who has to get out and knock on doors to earn a vote, that is the ultimate accountability,


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, good summary Buzz… Without a doubt, the number one issue is and should be education. If we are going to continue to have a strong Georgia, we need to ensure we have a well educated Georgia.

    The only thing that worries me is this move to elect the Superintendent of County School Systems. We’ve been there before. I think that the current system is working well.

  2. Chris says:

    While I wouldn’t mind seeing Wilbanks sent packing, I’m not sure opening up School Superintendents to pressure from nut-jobs like Laura Mallory is a good idea.

  3. Mojo says:

    I don’t see why there is even an election for St. School Super. I agreed with the Libertarian David Chastain that it should be an appointed position.

  4. Tommy_a2b says:

    Why all the hate for voting for people on PP lately? It seems a lot of posts have been why we should not vote for positions. I think we should vote partisan for every position possible even judges and eliminate the right to vote from people who are stupid.

  5. Old School Politics says:

    I hope Casey Cagle will focus on career and technical education in his new role as Lt. Governor. Its time that Georgia stop thinking that every kid can go to college and should take the SAT. Its time to focus on the dropout rate and you can only do this by beefing up the career and technical programs to help bring our poor statistics up.

  6. Mad Dog says:

    Old School,

    Cagle? LMAO!

    Cagle, the two time college drop out, going to find the bus stop for the big bus finally?

    Has the IRS pulled his federal tax returns for 1999 to 2002 yet?

    Seems he has a small problem with claiming via the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the FDIC that he was the president of a corporation that never filed any federal tax returns. Or, did he and his partner file returns? Hmmm.

    Bull Moose, why don’t you ask him. He’s your bestest buddy.

  7. MountainThinker says:

    It seems people are either unwilling or unable to change their school boards through elections and are seeking to be able to change the school system by going after the top job.

    My question is, if you can’t take a school board seat(s) election, what on earth makes you think you can take a Superintendent’s race?

    Furthermore, the Superintendent of many schools already have a difficult time doing their actual job with the high demands on time/energy if they are truly doing a good job. The time, energy, and money required to run a county wide campaign would take away from their time in doing their job, take away what little ‘down time’ they do have thereby affecting affecting job performance as well, and the money required would no doubt lead to special interests getting their hooks into the Superintendent personally, as if the school board isn’t enough.

    In the decison/advising group for the school system, it is refreshing to think that at least one person might actually not be worried about an election and might instead be pushing to ‘do the right thing.’ I’m in no hurry to remove that ability from Superintendents.

    If you want to change the school system, change the school board. PERIOD Don’t go trying to engineer a way to MAYBE get what you want. You may wind up getting the not-to-common great performing Superintendent tossed because while he/she is a good problem-solver and manager, they may not be great/savvy to electoral politics.

    In short, this is a TERRIBLE IDEA, in the humble opinion of this Conservative Republican.

  8. MountainThinker says:

    If the legislature wants to score points, help education, and lower the most onerous taxes known to man they should pass a 1% local option sales tax (must be approved by county referendum) to allow the funds to come in place of property taxes for use in the general fund. Now THAT is needed, wanted, and would be VERY HELPFUL to all taxpayers and school systems.

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