“Potter” Spell Still Lingering on Gwinnett Resident

This is enough to make me scream.

The State Board of Education is scheduled to decide Thursday whether Gwinnett County’s school board acted properly when it voted to keep “Harry Potter” books in school libraries.

In a draft decision sent to board members, the hearing officer who heard testimony in October recommends the board allow the Gwinnett district’s decision to stand.

Laura Mallory had argued the “Harry Potter” books promote witchcraft and the Wicca religion. She said the books should be removed from all Gwinnett County public schools.

In the draft, hearing officer L.O. Buckland said Mallory didn’t present any evidence to support her allegations. Buckland, an administrative law judge, wrote that Mallory’s evidence “consisted of unverified hearsay that she obtained from the Internet.”

Not only is she humiliating her children, but she is looking rather foolish while doing so.
I believe, much the same way that the estimable Gwinnett County school board does, that the “Harry Potter” series have some degree of merit. At the very least, children are reading as a result of the books.
And, I will sheepishly admit to having read every edition of the “Harry Potter” series. And enjoying them.

NB: the first person to correctly state the relevance of the first line will have great praise heaped upon them.


  1. Paul Shuford says:

    Isn’t it Edvard Munch’s birthday?

    As for this idiocy, there are plenty of books that present the christian viewpoint in public school libraries. Should they be banned? No. Just like Harry Potter shouldn’t be banned. Although, Harry Potter provides the “wiccan viewpoint” about as much as Lewis Carroll provides the “christian viewpoint”

  2. liberty21 says:

    This whole thing is a joke. A women trying get Harry Potter banned from school libraries. I do not care if her name was Terry Nation. A book prohibition does not work like the alcohol prohibition. Kids will read Harry Potter if Laura Mallory likes it or not. I real news at hand like congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio made his candidacy for President official. This is his second run for President. The first run was in 2004 . visit http://www.kucinich.us to view his plans for the white house

  3. rugby_fan says:

    “his plans for the white house” [sic]

    I do not know which one makes me laugh more; “his plans” or “his plans for the white house”.

  4. bird says:

    This reminds me of Sadie Fields opposition to Sunday beer and wine sales for “obvious reasons.”

    Do I detect a note of disharmony on this board among the two bases of the Republican Party, the Religious Right and Goldwater’s small government conservatives?

  5. Michael C says:

    Yes, yes the sky is falling for the GOP, there are 2 factions of the GOP. Oh my. There has always been the social and economic camps in the GOP, although the line between the 2 are very blurred.

    As for the Democrats there are 427 different factions that get along swimmingly. Ask Senator Lieberman about the unity of the Democratic party.

  6. rugby_fan says:

    There has always been some level of disharmony in the GOP between the small gov’t, libertarian, and social conservative factions.

    The GOP has managed to keep a lid on it by not trying to please everyone with their policies and also by having success.

    No one complains about winning.

  7. rugby_fan says:

    I would be scared if the books turned children into more chrisishardcores because I hate data modeling.

  8. caroline says:

    Who should be surprised about this? When you give fundamentalists power and have politicians who are beholden to fundamentalists this is what you get. Hold on to your seats guys, there’s a lot more people like this who are going to be coming forward with their demands.

  9. defnotrep says:

    My My Adam_Fogle you certainly are judgmental regarding liberty21.

    I say Adam go for the witch hunt, skip the trial, and go to the water test. lol

    Mostly, I feel bad for the Mallory children that have to be raised by this misguided woman.

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