JK on Stephen Colbert

OK, well apparently, I am snake bit when it comes to posting html on this site.  Check out Comedy Central’s Motherload and search Kingston.  It will pop up and you can watch it.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    Why does he keep going on that show? He comes across as an idiot and is not quick to pick up on the jokes. He has a valid point but he is not going to get it across there and he loses credit by saying it there.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    Because Rep Kingston is bold enough to use “new media” whenever possible. CR is simply that. Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is doing it simply to bring his message to a new audience.

    And yes, he looks terrible going on the show…

  3. Adam Fogle says:


    You’re right. Kingston is smart to exploit new media and new trends. Unlike a lot of more “traditional” Republicans, he has burst out of the stone age and bucked the norm to, as you said, spread his message.

    It is very posh of him to do such and I think other politicians would be wise to consider Kingston’s 21st century approach.

    And while I agree that Colbert definitely got the better of him, I still think he looked good on Maher a few months back (the gay marriage part not withstanding).

  4. DougieFresh says:

    Everyone looks bad on that show. From what I have heard, they tape for 2 hours or more and pull sometimes as little as 30 seconds from that. Anyone can be made to look bad, and they are.

    I think it was John Conyers who “admitted” to being a junkie on that show.

  5. Whether you think he looks good or bad, he definitely comes across as a huge dork. Guess we need to recruit a candidate who speaks Klingon to win that district, and no I do not speak Klingon.

  6. defnotrep says:

    Kingston looked like a King ha ha compared to Westmoreland.

    I agree Kingston didn’t look great. He needs to watch the show some maybe to get it….however, I respected him for at least going on it.

    I predict Kingston will get better over time and win some new votes.

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