Bothering You All With The Personal

I’ve tried to answer all the emails I’ve gotten from everyone and it really is not a secret. I’ve been posting on my personal site about the issue, but enough of you have asked, I’d like to fill you in quickly. Please feel free to ignore this post.

Back in August, Christy had some serious chest pains. Her doctor thought she was having either a pulmonary embolism or a gall bladder attack based on the symptoms. He ordered a scan of her chest to rule out the P.E., knowing if it came back negative that it was the gall bladder.

Well, it did turn out to be a gall bladder, but in the process of discovering that, the scan of her lungs revealed spots on her lungs.

Last week Christy had a follow up scan to focus on the spots. Her family has a very, very aggressive history of cancer — enough of one that in January of 2001, Christy had a preventative double mastectomy.

The doctor and Christy both thought the spots were some sort of benign anomaly. The spots are “too innumerable to count.


  1. Adam Fogle says:


    I’m so sorry to hear you that you are having to go through this. I wish Christy only the best and hope it is nothing serious. Thoughts and prayers man… thoughts and prayers.

  2. Decaturguy says:

    I hope everything turns out OK Erick and that it either turns out to be nothing serious or whatever it is they have caught it early.

  3. mercergirl says:

    I’m actually glad you filled us in, my prayers are with your family. And you shouldn’t feel the need to be “more productive”- at least not because of us.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    My God Erick,

    All of this is going on and you are apologizing to us?!!?!???

    Take care of your wife and know that she has the prayers of each and every one of us supporting her on the road to health.

    Well the prayers of all of us – R or D – except chrisishardcore – who’s doing a wiccan chant for her.

  5. defnotrep says:


    I will say prayers for you and your wife. I actually believe in the power of prayer. Keep positive thoughts.

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