1. drjay says:

    i understand the need not to have segregated schools and school systems–(my black neighbor’s kids and mine should not be schooled seperately)–but is bussing them across town to make some arbitrary ratio work out a good idea–for a 6 year old???

  2. memberg says:

    You are correct, Chris – it doesn’t.
    Most of the counties listed are small counties with only a few schools. So, there’s not really any schools “across town” to even bus people. Most likely, the counties shift around the teachers and offering parents the option to send their kids to other schools if their school is failing.

  3. mercergirl says:

    MY shock is that Bibb county isn’t on the list! I have always been under the impression that Bibb was also one of the last counties in the country to desegregate.

  4. drjay says:

    thats fine– but the article on coweta county schools that is on the link w/ the list of counties-in the ajc-specifically talks about a bussing situation and the ire it is raising in parents of all colors…

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