Cheney in South Georgia for Quail Hunt

Vice President Dick Cheney was reportedly in South Georgia last week at a private plantation owned by friends of Sen. Saxby Chambliss. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. Lindsey Graham joined Cheney and Chambiss for two days of – you guessed it – quail hunting.

Apparently the VP was in good spirits and Graham even cracked a few jokes about “the shooting.” No one was injured.

The outing was only Cheney’s second hunting trip since he accidentally wounded a close friend, Texas lawyer Harry Whittington, last February by spraying pellets into his face, neck and chest.

Even though almost 10 months have passed since the embarrassing episode, it was fresh on the minds of the Cheney group – and still remembered by some of the folks they met.

A local gun-shop owner cracked wise about the incident when Cheney and the rest of the hunting party walked in, Graham said.

“It was brought up a couple of times,” Graham said in an interview. “He makes people feel comfortable so they can joke about it.”

And apparently Cheney pretended that the quail were actually Democrats, or Texas lawyers, because Graham said he dominates.

Cheney, Graham said, is actually an excellent marksman. Cheney and Sanford teamed up to defeat Graham and Chambliss last week in a friendly shooting contest.

“He’s one of the best hunters I’ve ever hunted with,” Graham said


  1. Rick Day says:

    I just read this aloud to an African American friend. His comments:

    “hmmm..on de plantation, ya say?

    Did da darkies BBQ de old fashion way by turnin dat pig on a spittle, or did Dick bring his own particular brand of pork to de plantation ho-down?”

    Its really hard to laugh and type at the same time, folks!

    They still have plantations?? Good Lord….

  2. GAGirl says:

    Do you even live in Georgia Rick???

    Plantations are a resource for a lot of South Georgia folks. It’s a great investment. All the rich yankees are so willing to spend a load to kill some bought birds.

    It’s hunting land with lodges.

  3. Rick Day says:

    I live in Downtown Atlanta, and in Ellijay. I”m not sure either qualify as GA, he heh..

    the only time I’ve been in South GA was when I judged the BBQ cookoff in Douglas.

    Plantations…in Texas we called them Quail fields.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    We don’t lynch African-Americans in South Georgia anymore, Rick. We’ve moved on to Yankees.

    I bet you were quite surprised when there were no hot dogs or hamburgers at a barbecue contest. I am sure you figured there’d be no brats.

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