(1) First, my wife is having some unexpected surgery and I am and have been generally unavailable.

(2) Front page posters, please keep in mind that while we’re all partisans here, please try to be objective on the front page. Take the partisan fights elsewhere (Bobby Kahn is exempted from this cause he’s Bobby Kahn).

(3) A certain someone in Macon is unhappy that I have mocked him, apparently. Having sent out a lengthy email that I mocked only to see the candidate he did not want to win in fact win and have me mock him a little more, he’d prefer me not to do that any more. I had not intended to say another word about it, but I gather this morning that he’s quite sore about it. So, hahahahahahaha. Deal with it. And no, I didn’t take the email personally at all — I just thought it was a rather arrogant sounding email that needed to be mocked. The reaction to my reaction further confirms the mocking was needed. And that’s all I have to say about that. P.S. – had I not been spending my time at the hospital for the past few days, I would have returned your call, but I assume nothing more need be said.


  1. Erick,
    You’ll just have to learn to control that raging temper young man. I mean firing off all those nasty e-mails on a whim. Wait, man, I’m sorry; that was Passante.

  2. mercergirl says:

    I’m so sorry about your wife, I hope everything will be ok.

    About the other thing- I guess some people don’t learn from their mistakes. I however have learned fron this myself: never piss off a blogger.

  3. Adam Fogle says:


    I think I can speak for all Republicans when I say, “We are truly going to miss you.”

    I hope wherever you go, you will continue to work hard to bring the Republican Party unparalleled success. Without you heading the GPD, Bobby, I’m not sure victory will ever be as easy.

    Keep fighting the good fight Bobby, and thanks again for finishing off the DPG.

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