Hey. Stop The Hate.

There’s no need to fill up my inbox with complaints about Chrisishardcore. When Decaturguy started blogging here, I got the hate too for that. Deal with it. While we have our fair share of Republican bloggers, this is a site about Georgia politics, not Republican politics.


  1. atlantaman says:

    Hey this place would be very boring if it was just a bunch of people agreeing with each other all the time. I actually get a kick out of Hardcore. He makes me mad sometimes, but at least he’s interesting.

    It got a little old at the height of the campaign season when you had junior staffers mindlessly regurgitating the same crap.

  2. Adam Fogle says:

    So does this mean no PP Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus Party? If anything, it should give us reason to end the hate and get together to spread the yule-tide spirit.

    Hell, I say we have it. Worst case, we’ll all just end up drinking too much eggnog and making fun of Bull Moose or Will Hinton or Bill Simon.

    Re: Chrisishardcore…. you’re an annoying little bugger, but I doubt the site would be as interesting without you whacked-out liberals. That’s my way of saying, “I’m with ya, buddy.”

  3. Will Hinton says:

    Look for an announcement about the “Good Will Hinton Festivus” party within the next day….hopefully we can get all the Georgia blogger folks on the Right and the Left together for some drinks.

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