Marty Promoted

With Paul Bennecke headed to the RGA with Nick Ayers, Marty Klein is moving up the food chain to become Executive Director of the GA-GOP. That’s awesome news!


  1. ColinATL says:

    I suppose you have to know these people to appreciate the “awesome-ness” of the news. 🙂 Only one I know is Nick Ayers, who managed to pull off a “gee, shucks, what was I thinkin?” public defense to his DUI.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    FINALLY! Someone who get’s it at the GOP! Congratulations Marty!

    Best news to come out of the state GOP in a while…

  3. GAGirl says:

    ColinATL, do you actually even know Nick or is that one incident how you’ll be defining him forever?

    I’m glad Marty got the spot. I wonder who will replace him…

  4. forsythconservative says:

    You’re actually thinking of Marty Ryall and he was the ED and state Chairman in Arkansas. He did not embezzle any money, it was his finance director. Marty was cleared of any wrong doing and has managed 2 great campaigns since for Robert Lamutt in 2002 and Karen Handel this year. I’m personally glad that he is back in Georgia.

  5. ColinATL says:

    GAGirl, no, like most Georgians, I don’t know Nick. So judging him based on the one time he made the news is a wholly appropriate step to take on my part?

    I don’t like the way he publicly responded to getting caught. There was no shame, no repentance, just a “Aw, gee, was I dumb?” with a big grin.

    Nick seems like a future star, he really does. Good looking, well spoken, obviously smart as a whip. But I feel like he used those talents to spin his lapse in judgment into a collegiate “boys will be boys” moment rather than being contrite and using this as a public education moment.

    But these are just my thoughts. From a political perspective, Nick played well to the cameras and probably came out looking better as a result.

    Just my $.02.

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