Liquor Up in Buckhead While You Can

Because the times they are a changin’.

Three-and-a-half landmark blocks of Buckhead Village —- the shabby Atlanta Bourbon Street that launched many local marriages, bachelor parties and divorces —- are set to be demolished next year, to be replaced with condos and glitzy shops.

The man who conceived the Mall of Georgia, developer Ben Carter, a Buckhead native, has spent most of the past year goading more than a dozen village landlords to sell him their old storefronts, some of which they’ve owned since the 1960s.

He’s now close to controlling some 7 acres of the old Peachtree Street saloon district, from Pharr Road to East Paces Ferry and east to North Fulton Drive.

Of course it has been several years since I had a night I couldn’t remember in Buckhead. No loss from my perspective. There are plenty of other places to go.


  1. RuralDem says:

    Erick, lately you’ve been on an alcohol news rampage. You remind me of some of my fraternity brothers haha. Well except they prefer Natty Light over everything else.

  2. Will Hinton says:

    Erick: you are pretty late to the game on this one. Most of the old bars that people remember from the ’90s in Buckhead have been gone for some time now.

    And the alcohol always played second fiddle to the “meat market” in Buckhead.

    Good riddance. Those of us who live in Buckhead finally have a much more pleasant stretch of Peachtree.

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