Saying No To Ta-Ta’s in Johns Creek

The City is official and so are the regulations to make sure it doesn’t turn into a seedy part of Metro Atlanta. The Council met for over an hour starting at midnight last night to ensure that it had ordinances in place to deal with adult entertainment and other issues.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    I am glad the new city is thinking of the children. Its so hard to find people who are inclined to do so these days.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    Ah, if the residents of John’s Creek did a little more shopping at the Love Shack, maybe they wouldn’t be so uptight all the time…

  3. memberg says:

    My plan to open up “John’s Crack: Johns Creek’s First and Only All-Male Burlesque and 4.95 Prime Rib Buffet” may be slightly premature.

  4. liberty21 says:

    This is weird, Johns Creek becomes a official town. The first official act of the City Council is to restrict adult entertainment. I do not get it. You would think a city council would have bigger things worry about at their first city council meeting. I guess the people of Johns Creek must be that outraged about Adult Entertainment in order for the City Council to put that as their priority before the basic functions of the city.

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