Meet The Candidate

The Cherokee County Attorney has been found after having gone missing. Apparently, he went on a bender after failing to take anti-depression medication. It sucks that a man can so quickly ruin himself through some very small steps that quick turn to tidal wave forces.

He has been a candidate for Superior Court Judge.

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  1. Rpolitic says:

    Here is the thing. Mike Bowers and his little klan of starchamber judge makers didn’t bother to come to Cherokee or ask anyone who might be on the ground to give them any of the real background. IN fact if you look at the DA who is also a finalist there are questions about him as well. Like why does the grandson of a prominent family in Cherokee get to go to college when his friends from the otherside of the tracks spend time in jail for be a roving gang terrorizing immigrants and beating them? Not to mention the deal the DA jus cut with the meth dealing funeral home owners in Canton. No jail no felonies but hey it is good to be part of the old canton crowd.

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