Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association

Dunwoody is one of my favorite parts of Atlanta. It’s just nice suburbia and I tend to prefer Perimeter Mall to Lenox — especially now that it has an Apple Store.

So, it is good to read that Dunwoody has a competent Homeowner’s Association, though I bet dealing with 40,000 homeowners gets burdensome on Chip Franzoni. And it looks like Dunwoody may just become Georgia’s next city.

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  1. memberg says:

    I grew up reading the Crier, that DHA propaganda rag, and I’m tired of all the DHA chest-thumping. There’s always some farmhouse they want to save or housing renovation they oppose. Meanwhile, traffic still sucks in the Perimeter area, and the only reason that Dunwoody hasn’t turned completely into the sprawl hell that is East Cobb, North Fulton, Gwinnett, etc. is that it’s been chock-full of subdivisions since the 60s.

    It just goes to show that Dunwoody shouldn’t be a city. I just don’t believe that Dunwoody is somehow losing out on county services or that the schools are suffering because they have to send money to Dekalb and Fulton.

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