Buying Home Depot

A leveraged buyout is in the works for Home Depot. That sucks. First Delta and now HD. That’s no good at all.

Hopefully both will fail. Home Depot has had sound management and I’m not reassured that a Texas group would want to keep HD’s corporate HQ in Georgia.


  1. ColinATL says:

    This would suck, especially in light of all the other recent acquisitions in Georgia, each which tends to extract high-pay jobs from our economy.

    That said, I don’t know that Home Depot has had THAT sound management. I’m no expert, but most of the people I know who work there aren’t very happy with how things have gone there…

  2. Will Hinton says:

    Colin is right. For a retailer, sound management should not include ignoring customer service and that is precisely what Home Depot has done. The Nardelli regime has brought in this obsession with numbers and Six Sigma nonsense. Granted, Home Depot needed more discipline. But they have completely forsaken their roots in great customer service. The only thing that has saved Home Depot is that their primary competitor, Lowes, has terrible customer service too. If either one of these companies got a clue about customer service, they would destroy the other.

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