Perdue to lead RGA.

Per the AJC:

Gov. Sonny Perdue is expected to become chairman of the Republican Governors Association on Friday.

Perdue, who has served as the association’s vice-chairman this year, is coming off a historic re-election victory Nov. 7, when he became the state’s first Republican governor to win a second term.


  1. Three Jack says:

    no doubt leading to increased speculation about a run for president in ’08. Fox just add some analyst on with that as the topic.

  2. liberty21 says:

    If he becomes Chairmen of The Republican Governors Association. It would be interesting if the GOP could pick any gubernatorial seats. I prefer Tim Plawenty (GOP governor from Minnesota) or M. Jodie Rell (GOP Governor from Connecticut) because all the good governors did not run. If George Pataki was re-elected in New York i would of considered him for the Republican Governors Association Chairmen position. New York Governor George Pataki did not run for a fourth term this year.

  3. Mojo says:

    They could have done worse, especially after the spanking the GOP took in the Governors races this year. I think they went from 28-22 up, to 28-22 down. Of course, Perdue fulfills the litmus test for Republican leadership: he’s a crook.

  4. liberty21 says:

    Mojo, If Purdue fulfills the litmus test for Republican leadership then nothing has changed in the neo-con leadership just from one crook to another.

  5. Of the states that Kerry won in 2004, Republicans are now Governor in only Hawaii, California, Minnesota, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont. Of those states, really only California and Minnesota have shown considerable political skills that may be able to translate to another level (like President or US Senate).

    Meanwhile, Democrats hold the Governor’s office in many Red Bush states, and the Democratic governors in those states (like Oklahoma and Tennessee) got re-elected with much larger margins than Sonny did here.

    How does the RGA think that a red state governor like Sonny can help them when their real problem is that they are having a tough time competing in places not named North or South Dakota?

  6. liberty21 says:

    Sonny Purdue will not help the RGA compete in places like New York. I think appointing a governor from the south to chair a nationwide grassroots organizations for gubernatorial elections like the RGA does resemble the areas the RGA wish they could get governors in. I do not think Sonny Purdue has the appeal to Vermont voters or vital northern states like the state I am from Minnesota. The DFL (Democratic Farmers-Labor Party) in Minnesota would have a more successful grassroots campaign against any gubernatorial candidate that Sonny Purdue visits the Twin Cities to endorse. I just don’t see Sonny Purdue as this grassroots leader that could score victories in blue states. He would more of a grassroots leader that would try to keep the 22 governors the GOP has in office.

  7. GAGirl says:

    Perdue is a great choice for this position. Of course none of you like it because you don’t like him and aren’t Republicans. Sonny knows how to run a campaign, he basically ran his own in more ways than were seen. People like him and apparently respect him enough to put him in that position to lead their organization.

  8. Three Jack says:

    yeah GAGirl, this ranks right up there with Mel ‘Terry Schiavo’ Martinez as RNC chairguy. I’ve been a Republican much longer than Sonny. I know Republicans. Sonny aint no Republican. The only thing left is purchasing the tombstone and inscribing the epitaph — ‘here lies the GOP, once proud, now deceased via self inflicted wounds; 1994 – 2006

  9. atlantaman says:

    Just remember there was another Governor from Georgia that nobody ever gave a chance…anything can happen.

  10. liberty21 says:

    GA Girl,
    Your right about one thing we do not prefer Sonny Purdue as a leader. I do know the history of the Republican Party. It was not founded by Neo-cons. neo-con policies contradict traditional policies of the Republican Party. I agree with Three Jack, but the GOP has been having problems longer than this year. The only response I have heard from Republicans especially Newt supporters is that they another Contract with America. It seems they want to reuse the same policy that failed. Summing it all up there is no real policy to reform the GOP. They like him and appoint him to that position. there is a old saying follow the money

  11. Bull Moose says:

    It’s hard to call Sonny a Democrat still when he just pretty much cleaned the floor with Mark Taylor in this past election.

    Though, most will say that had the Democratic nominee been Cathy Cox, the race would have been MUCH closer and perhaps the outcome all together different. (that’s the pundit in me speaking)

    What we really need in politics is a transformational leader to step forward and totally change how we think and act in a political/legislative environment.

    The only way that you’re going to be able to accomplish much anymore is if you build a strong coalition that can have the strength to modernize and transform government from top to bottom.

    There aren’t many more programs or services to cut. You really have to change how the benefits of government and service are delivered and seek savings through modernization and innovation.

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