James to Seek DPG Chair

It is being rumored that former state senator and sore loser Donzella James is seeking the Democratic Party of Georgia chair seat currently held by Bobby Kahn. These rumors, however, are from the left-of-left Atlanta Progressive News. As such, they should certainly be considered mere “rumors” until they are picked up by a more reputable source.

Donzella James, a former Georgia State Senator, US Congressional candidate, and elections integrity advocate, has decided to run for Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Atlanta Progressive News has learned in an exclusive.

Last week, BuzzBrockway reported that James, who lost by 35 points to Rep. David Scott in the Democratic primary for Georgia’s 13th U.S. Congressional District, is part of a three-way-lawsuit challenging the state’s use of Diebold voting machines.


  1. liberty21 says:

    Donzella James i do not know much about her. alright if Sonny Purdue is a candidate for Republican Governors Association Chairmen. If Sonny Purdue gets the RGA Chairmen, then the Democrats should appoint Donzella James DPG Chairmen. What’s Sonny and Donzella got to loss? A couple of election cycles. DPG and RGA need better choices than this come on.

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