Cleland Decides Against Senate Rematch

Former Sen. Max Cleland announced Thursday that he would not challenge Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss in 2008. This confirmation has been predicted for a while and few believed Cleland would seriously consider trying to reclaim his old seat.

Cleland, a Democrat who lost three limbs in Vietnam and uses a wheelchair, had campaigned aggressively for other Democratic candidates this year, leading some to speculate that he might be preparing for a run of his own. Still angry over 2002 political ads criticizing Cleland’s commitment to national security, many Democrats had hoped he would try to avenge the loss.

But through a spokesman, Cleland told The Associated Press Thursday that he would not challenge Chambliss.

“Sen. Cleland has decided not to run again in 2008,” the spokesman, Michael Duga, said. “(He) looks forward to entering the private sector and private life for the first time after more than 35 years in public service.”


  1. liberty21 says:

    I am wondering if John Dashler would be interested in running for US Senate in 2008. He ran for Governor until June when he failed to get enough signatures because of Georgia’s restrictive ballot access laws. He would make a great candidate for US Senate.

  2. ColinATL says:

    Saxby will wear the campaign of ’02 like a scarlet letter for the rest of his crappy career. He disgusts me.

  3. atlantaman says:

    “…(He) looks forward to entering the private sector and private life for the first time after more than 35 years in public service.”

    With all due respect isn’t he already in the private sector?

  4. Well actually he has been the Senate Democrats’ appointee to the US Export Import Bank, so maybe that term is coming to an end now and with all of the very public campaigning he has been doing, when you combine the two this really is his entrance to the private sector?

  5. Bull Moose says:

    So, who runs against Saxby? Does Shirley Franklin or does she wait and run for Governor? Thurbert Baker? Michael Thurmond? Sanford Bishop? Any thoughts?

  6. David says:

    Shirley has no chance thanks to her racist ad. She wouldn’t have had a chance anyway in any statewide race. Just ask Denise Majette. What about Cathy Cox or the Fat Boy? Other re-treads? Barnes? I think it will be a dark horse that we aren’t even considering now.

  7. Mojo says:

    I think Cathy Cox is the obvious candidate. Many Democrats may be thinking she should have been the candidate after all. Who else is there? Vernon Jones, too divisive. Jim Marshall, Congressional seat too valuable. Mark Taylor, spent goods. Roy Barnes, too controversial. Thurbert Baker, AG too valuable. Max Cleland, gone. Who else?

    How about Mike Thurmond?

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