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The SLAPP law has been restricted.

In a narrow decision, the Georgia Supreme Court limited the scope of a state law that’s aimed at preventing speech-stifling lawsuits.

The 4-3 ruling, which held that the law only covers free speech linked to official proceedings, was met with criticism by First Amendment advocates but lauded by others who said the statute was being misused.

Tuesday’s decision upheld an earlier ruling from the Georgia Court of Appeals that refused to expand the scope of the state’s anti-SLAPP law, which was passed in 1996 to encourage citizens to speak up on matters of public interest and cut down on “strategic lawsuits against public participation.


  1. Mad Dog says:


    Which system is working? The system where the party with the most money and best paid professional witnesses usually win?

    And, that’s not news. Think about the offering of a tribute as a way of getting a “noble” or “priest” to act as a mediator.

    So, I guess you just voted for the Power System.

  2. liberty21 says:

    Carol Hunstein did oppose this decision by the state supreme court like i do. We need to protect freedom of speech not violate it.

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