Rate of Virgins Increases in Georgia

Sure, it could be that teens are just getting more TMJ or using more birth control, but then I couldn’t write my clever headline. Besides, I like to think that at this Christmas season, there are just a few more girls named Mary in Georgia who are virgins this year.

What am I talking about? Well, teen pregnancy rates are down in Georgia. Of course it could be that with this summer’s drought there was just less of whatever it is in the water that gets whole gaggles of gals pregnant at the same time.

Of course, it is too late for this Mary.


  1. Adam Fogle says:

    Don’t forget about that major stork strike following last year’s announcement that Al Gore would be releasing a power point slide on “climate change” to theaters throughout the world.

  2. ColinATL says:

    You’re going crazy with the news stories today, Eric. Don’t you have a day job? You’re keeping me from mine. 🙂

  3. DougieFresh says:

    I wonder how much of the decrease in teen pregnancy is related to the increased acceptance of abortion, and the overal disdain that many people have today for parenthood (which might lead to the use of more birth control).

  4. ColinATL says:

    Dougie, do you have a survey to back up that statement about parental disdain, or are you just being cynical?

  5. DougieFresh says:

    Cynical, as always.

    Actually, it is more or less from personal observation. I am in the prime child rearing years, and everyone I know (save family) is childless, and I really do not see any of them having children any time soon. (toys and gadgets are seemingly more important).

    Also, as a child, I remember seeing pregnant women very frequently in my daily life. Today, I cannot remember the last time that I saw a pregnant woman, and when I do, I find myself a little shocked, as it has become so rare.

    Perhaps this is unscientific anecdotal evidence, but it seems obvious.

  6. DougieFresh says:


    I never said that it did. I was disputing the connection between chastity and pregnancy. Lower teenage pregnancy has at best a weak link to abstinence rates. And, teenagers will definitely respond to any survey in the way that makes them look “cool” by contemporary standards.

    In the old days that would mean an inflated level of self reported sexually active teens and might mean an inflated level of self reported virgins.

  7. heroV says:

    can’t we just be happy that teen pregnancy rates are going down? well, i guess we can’t. some would probably disagree that it’s a good thing.

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