How To Kill The Macon Hotel Deal

Does the Gang of Five Have The Fortitude?

This post really concerns the City of Macon. I apologize for getting on the bully pulpit twice in one day. But, Macon is about to move forward with a very bad deal — one to build a hotel by a group of relative novices on the site of the Macon Coliseum. The deal stinks. In my opinion, it was chosen because the Mayor favors the other deal and the City Council hates the mayor.

There are five reasonable city council members who are adamantly opposed to the hotel, as presently conceived. They are struggling to get the City Council as a whole to kill the deal, but they have not been very successful. The problem is, most of the people opposed to the deal are fresh blood to City Council.

I have an idea. I think it is their best chance. I don’t know that they have the cajones to pull it off, though.

In college I was the Parliamentarian for the Student Government. I held the position for about four years. I am a firm believer in parliamentary procedure. I believe the best way to kill the Macon hotel deal is to grind city council to a halt using the majority’s weaponry against them. Make it very clear that this will continue until the deal is sunk.

Sure, it’s the minority holding the majority hostage. But that happens all the time. And in this case, the minority is clearly right and is supported popularly by the residents of the City of Macon. So, let’s proceed. But, a word of caution: if these five members can’t take the heat, and there will be heat, they might as well give up their seats and go home.

All Stop

Macon’s City Council works on basic parliamentary procedure and falls back on Roberts’ Rules of Order, Newly Revised as needed. A 2/3 vote requires 10 votes and a majority vote requires 8 votes. But, there are several ways that the Gang of Five can wreck havoc.


First, “any member voting with the prevailing side may, before a meeting is adjourned, give notice that reconsideration is requested on a certain action taken by the Council.


  1. mercergirl says:

    I would love to see them actually do this- when is the vote taking place?

    Btw, I went to the Public Saftey meeting, what are yalls opinions regarding the Panhandling Ordinance? As someone who spends a great amount of time downtown, I think it’s great. But I am concerned that it has little teeth to it…

  2. DougieFresh says:

    I live downtown, and I was threatened by a pan-handler who I was kicking off my property.

    I was in my house and he came up to my door and knocked on it giving the “i need money to buy my kids food” act combined with “we are on our way to warner robbins to start work, but I ran out of gas” routine.

    Anyway, I ordered him off the property and he then goes into this racist rant how I did not want to help him because he was black, and that he “would be back tonight”.

    If Macon wants a safe downtown, eliminating pan handling is a good first step.

    I have also been hit by the “I’ve run out of gas” con or the “i need a bus ticket” con so many times in my life, I wonder what would happen if I ran into someone in genuine distress. Just begging for money is one thing, but I think the “cons” need to result in serious jail time.

  3. Erick says:

    My wife and I have been approached by the same man-boy tag team multiple times with their “we were on the way to Florida and ran out of gas” routine. Always in the PetSmart parking lot. The third time I finally said, “Damn, you guys go to Florida a lot.”

    The guy fell out laughing and left.

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