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We have a whole slew of new readers to Peach Pundit and I haven’t praised Georgia Daily Digest lately. They are one of the sites I read daily. And, in fact, when I’m in a hurry to blog here, I just go there to get the headlines. It’s worth checking out.

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  1. RLewis says:

    Erick — Sandy Fitzpatrick (half of Fitzlew) and I want to say thanks for the kind words. In Feburary, Georgia Daily Digest will begin its 3rd year — and we look forward to continuing this service for years to come. We will soon announce some changes to Georgia Political as we prepare for the upcoming legislative session. Watch for an announcement in about two weeks. ALSO — PEACHPUNDIT READERS SHOULD BE AWARE OF TWO TOOLS THE SITES OFFER:

    1. If you sign up for the AM Daily Headline alert on the right side of either page you will get an email alert every morning letting you know when the pages are ready to read, with links to the sites. Also, in the event of critical GA breaking news, we will send you an special e-mail alert with a link to the news story.

    2. In the upper left hand corner of both sites is a search engine box to help you find GA news and information. Type in a newspaper name, a reporter’s name or a key word (transportation, healthcare, Perdue) and the database will provide you with every link we have published on the inquiry word. Many newspapers maintain their links for years but some don’t. But we can at least provide you with the date, headline and newspaper you need to further research an article.

    Again, much thanks and to new readers — Welcome!

    Randy Lewis Editor

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