Cue the Environmental Wackos

I-185 to be expanded? That means more commerce. More commerce means more capitalism. More capitalism means more evil. More evil means global warming. Global warming means Mother Gaia will cry. We just do something, by Zeus!

Business and government leaders have launched a campaign to extend Interstate 185 from Columbus to Montecello, Fla., a move they say would generate jobs and economic growth in rural southwestern Georgia and relieve crowding on Interstate 75.

Officials of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce announced plans Monday to host a meeting of county and city officials on Dec. 12 to discuss the proposal. If there’s enough support, they’ll present a resolution to state lawmakers and to the Georgia Department of Transportation, which could use federal highway funds to finance the project.


  1. ColinATL says:

    I’m an environmentally minded Democrat, but I don’t think this is a bad idea. Preventing congestion on I-75 (and US 431/231 in Alabama) is better for the environment. Long term economic growth for depressed communities is a valid goal.

    This is going to suck for Alabama, though, because all those cars will avoid 431/231 and depress the economy on that corridor. It’ll definitely make getting to the Redneck Riviera easier. 🙂

  2. bird says:

    I’m also an environmentalist, but I’m certainly not anti-growth. Everything has trade-offs, but this could be a really good idea.

    By the way, Ford is gearing up for a zero-emission hydrogen cell vehicle. Are they wackos? Most major car manufacturers are developing hybrid cars. Wackos? And the link of carbon emissions to global warming–it’s as strong as the link from tobacco to cancer. Are those against smart growth and reduction of carbon emissions wacko?

  3. DougieFresh says:


    Sorry for the mild tangent, but hydrogen fuel cells for cars are certainly wacko. (I Hydrogen is not exactly user friendly, since it vaporizes close to absolute zero, and requires high pressure and cold temperatures to keep it as a liquid. And, as a gas it instantaneously makes an explosive mixture with the air, unlike gasoline which is not all that volatile.

    This means that any technology that requires liquid hydrogren will never work under any reasonable circumstances. If they figure out a way to deliver hydrogen in some other practical form (unlikely) it might have a chance.

    It is not even a good form of energy for stationary power plants, as it requires more energy to release hydrogen from water than you can recover from it (thermodynamics) and if you are going to consume the power, you might as well use it directly to make electricity in the first place.

    Sadly, science has few real option in regard to cars and the way that they are used in the USA. Our cars have to be robust enough for long trips as well as the day to day short trips.

    Long trips require a lot of high density energy that is safe and cheap. The “alternative” forms of energy that most companies are developing will go the way of the dollar coin, as they just do not meet what Americans want or need.

    The only high potential replacement for petroleum is coal, but that is because it makes a product that is identical to petroleum, and thus has the same “carbon problem”.

  4. Dawgfan says:

    The big problem here is that Sanford Bishop is our only hope of getting any fed money. I mean no disrespect toward Congressman Bishop, but from what I’ve read most if not all federal money is going to educate New York City children. Just kidding but barely, the fact is that under the Democrats the south ain’t got a lot of juice.

  5. JP says:

    Unless you’re willing to argue that any and every highway and interstate project anywhere is a good idea, it’d be more “fair and balanced” of you to use “Activists” rather than “wackos.”

    I’ll grant you that some of the intown [cancellations in Atlanta]( have contributed to the abortion that is 75/85.

    On the other hand, if not for the “wackos,” there’d be an elevated interstate highway on the edge of the Mississippi River destroying the view from the French Quarter of New Orleans.

    Opposing a highway has its time and place.

  6. atlantaman says:

    “I’ve read most if not all federal money is going to educate New York City children.”

    New York is definitley a net giver versus net receiver when it comes to Federal Funds.

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