1. courtman495 says:

    Without a doubt the dumbest move made in programming by WGST management. Kimmer is an institution here in Atlanta and I believe your sponsors will suffer the consequences of this move.

  2. SevenHillsDem says:

    The only thing about those guys is that both were elected just recently. I’m not sure they’d abandon the party that quickly. But, then again, being out of power sucks.

  3. MountainThinker says:

    Speaking as a Jenkins constituent as well as a hard-core Republican activist (who is actually related to Charles…makes family gatherings…interesting…) and knowing all the people who gave him money etc, if Jenkins switched, he’d be committing suicide, not just in a political sense, but the business and personal destruction it would wreak in his life would be inestimable….and no one knows that more than him…count on that.

  4. RuralDem says:

    Interesting. How many commonsense, centrist or conservative, Democrats are left in the General Assembly that have not switched? This will only allow the far left liberal (oh! I mean progressive. my bad) crowd to further take hold of the party 🙁

    I thought the latest batch last spring was the last of the old guard.

  5. MrGOPJr says:

    Bobby Parham of Milledgeville and Ellis Black of Valdosta would be my speculation. Alan Powell of Hartwell and Jeanette Jamieson of Toccoa come from conservative districts, but after the all-out campaign by the GOP to unseat them, I seriously doubt they would be considering a switch.

  6. rightofcenter says:

    I think it would have to be someone from a rural area that had no republican competition this year. The following would qualify: Debbie Buckner, Bobby Parham, Jimmy Lord, Bob Hanner, Gerald Greene, Winfred Duke, Ellis Black, Jay Shaw, Sistie Hudson. I would say Parham is most likely, followed by Black and Hanner. The others are most doubtful (and several the republicans would be better suited to say “no thanks….”

  7. MrGOPJr says:

    Shaw, as a possibility, did not occur to me before. I recall he endorsed Bill Stephens for Secretary of State. I would still say Parham and Black would be the most likely to switch.

  8. foray says:

    Mike Jacobs from Dekalb county . . . he wanted to switch in the Spring but the Law Firm he worked for is a big Democrat firm . . . he has since found a new job.

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