Life Sucks, Get Used To It

I have little sympathy for Merle Temple. Were he poor, minority, or not politically connected, he’d probably get no consideration whatsoever. And he doesn’t deserve it.

The ex-lover of former Georgia school superintendent Linda Schrenko wants President Bush to pardon him.

Merle Temple said in an undated letter to the president that he is asking for a pardon because of his wife’s medical condition.

It’s kind of lame to me to be sleeping with Schrenko and then saying, “Hey, I’ve got to take care of my wife.


  1. SevenHillsDem says:

    Here’s the thing. Bush has nothing to lose by pardoning him. Absolutely nothing. The only problem is whether or not this hurts Republicans down the road.

    Clinton pardoned Marc Rich after the election, right before he left office. Bush’s lame duck status is approaching much fast than Clinton’s and he could easily approve this pardon. That’s what is frightening.

  2. ColinATL says:

    Bush will not pardon the guy. There’s no justification, despite his wife’s health. There’s no colorable argument for leniency in this case, in my opinion.

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