Trade Vick!!!

Not only is the guy a crappy quarterback, but he made an obscene gesture to fans after the game (the AJC has the photo).

Earlier in the week, Jim Mora, Sr. called Vick a “coach killer.” He’s right though. The only thing Vick has proved while he’s been in Atlanta is that he can run the ball. He isn’t a quarterback. You can expect maybe four or five quality passing games during the season.

The Falcons need to ditch this guy and Warrick Dunn. Let Schaub and Norwood start. I don’t care what we do as long as we dump Michael Vick.


  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Yes, Vick is a horrible QB…I know, I know…he’s an “athlete” and physically speaking, he may be the most “gifted” athlete in the NFL…yeah, whatever. Give me LT and Drew Brees, essentially that’s who we traded to get Ron Mexico himself. I mean look at it, LT is BY FAR the best player in the NFL right now. Warrick is okay, I like him, but if we had Drew Brees at QB, LT at RB, we could have traded W. Dunn for a good WR — tell me we couldn’t be the best team in a weak NFC with that lineup?

    The Falcons are idiots for giving him such a huge contract…who in their right mind believes he is better than Peyton Manning? If you do, you’re on crack with Quincy Carter. Some level of intelligence and decision making skills are necessary to be a good QB…I don’t think he’s got it to be honest.

  2. Nate says:

    All good points, but I think you have to cut him some slack. He threw the ball right on the money to every one of his receivers and they literally dropped the ball. Two of the times the receivers did not even have a defender within five feet of them and they still dropped the ball. You can’t fault Vick for that.

  3. I’m with Nate. Defenses have figured out that Algee Crumpler is the only Falcon who can catch the ball. If they cover him, the Falcons lose because nobody else seems to be capable of doing this (today was a great example, Roddy White in particular).

    Meanwhile, when opposing defenses let Crumpler get his hands on the ball, we do all right.

  4. SevenHillsDem says:

    They won’t get rid of Vick. He’s arrogant, obnoxious, and a bit inconsistent, but he makes the Falcons so much money.

    I’m all for them dumping Vick, though I’d like to see DJ Shockley get the starting job. More so than Quincy or David Greene, he’s a UGA quarterback who could really flourish in the NFL.

  5. waterboy says:

    An obscene gesture…..oh my. Maybe he thought he saw Jason Pye in the stands – then it is certainly justified.
    150+ yards rushing, countless dropped passes, two HUGE blunders by the defensive backs for TDs – yep, trade Vick. That’s a logical conclusion.

    How about trade for receivers willing to catch the friggin’ ball!

  6. Jason Pye says:

    From what I’ve read, there were five dropped passes. Yeah, that’s a problem…no argument there, but the even if he’d completed those five passes then his is still under 50% in completion percentage.

    This is Vick’s fifth season as starting quarterback. It’s the same song and dance. The guy can run the ball, ok…but he isn’t a quarterback. He’s a glorified running back.

  7. Mojo says:


    Every year the Vickites constantly bring up the need to have good wide receivers and then Vick will play better and the Falcons will succeed. Every year, it seems, the Falcons bring in new wide receivers for just that reason and every year Vick and the Falcons fail. With a succession of wide receivers year after year, what is the only part of this equation that remains constant? Yeah, Michael Vick. People need to wake up and smell the napalm and realize that Vick is the problem.

    Vick is in his sixth year in the league and he has yet to develop into the a great quarterback, least of all the type of quarterback that the pundits keep telling us that he’ll develop into. Every year they tell us that once Vick develops his passing game he’ll be dangerous. You would think that by his sixth year in the NFL that he’d figure out how to throw the damn ball accurately. Don’t blame the wide receivers too much, Peerless Price was a success in Buffalo and Ashley Lelie was a success in Denver. Am I to assume that Plummer and Rob Johnson were/are better quarterbacks.

    Six years in the NFL and Vick’s average completion percentage is 53%. He has never completed more than 56% in a season. Considering that the benchmark for an NFL quarterback is at least 60% and you see that Vick is well below average. An average quarterback rating of 75 and the fact that his highest total of touchdown passes in a given season is 16, then one can see that it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together and total the fact that VICK SUCKS AS A QUARTERBACK.

    It is time for everyone to realize that.

  8. BB says:

    Amazing, get rid of the QB; how about the GM, coach, offensive coordinator, wide receivers and most of all, those guys pretending to be offensive linemen.

    The only problem with Vick flipping the bird yesterday is it should have been directed at the Falcons instead of Falcons fans.

  9. jsm says:

    Funny. Schaub can complete passes to those receivers. The Falcons are stupid for not utilizing him and dumping Vick. In the long run, a good QB who wins games brings more money and a better fan base than some controversial, arrogant QB imposter.

  10. Demonbeck says:

    Dump Vick for some good offensive lineman or defensive players. Dunn has proven to be more than capable and Norwood is an excellent backup. Start Schaub and Atlanta becomes a tougher team to defend.

  11. Demonbeck says:

    Vick showed what he thought of the fans yesterday. We should feel no allegiance to him whatsoever anymore. He’s no better than his little brother.

  12. Rick Day says:

    I sit in the lower corner tunnel area, 5 rows from the field, where the Falcons come on and off the field. I was not there at the end of the game (I know when to sing the Willy Song) but at half-time we gave them a ton of grief as they came off the field. Most of it was directed towards the coaching staff.

    My wife stayed for the game and reported to me that hundreds of fans came down to our area and railed on the team. Many displayed ‘profane’ gestures and ‘profane’ words themselves.

    I can only imagine the frustration that prompted Vick to display his middle digits (which is protected free speech and NOT profanity).

    Profane….perhaps in your Sunday school class. (rolls eyes)

    It is not Vick; I believe it is the Offensive Coordinator and to a lesser extent, the coaching staff. There were just just plain STUPID plays called, both yesterday and all damn year. Vick is not allowed to audible. He plays what they tell him to play.

    Vick, et al. is a too; the real performance and success comes from coaching.

    Let us put blame where it should be; the horrid play-calling.

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