Peach Pundit Hits Facebook

For those of you that use Facebook, you can now join the official Peach Pundit Facebook group.  If you are not familiar with Facebook, it is a massive networking website similar to MySpace, only targeted more toward college students.

However, it is now open to anyone and everyone.  So sign up!

If you are already on Facebook, then be sure to join the new Peach Pundit group.


  1. Adam Fogle says:

    Facebook definitely has a nicer layout and is much more user-friendly the MySpace. Plus you do not have to worry about those damned annoying pages where idiots import some crazy background picture that drowns out their font and you can only read about every fourth word.

    Also, I want to try to get all of the PP contributors to join the group.  That includes you, Mr. Erickson.

    Facebook is a great resource for building a base, so it could certainly introduce quite a few folks to the amazingness that is Peach Pundit.

    Spread the word, y’all!

  2. rugby_fan says:

    Facebook: A Primer.

    Facebook became one of the top 10 websites.

    The original proprietors were offered 1 Billion for Facebook. They held out for more money, they will get it.

  3. RuralDem says:

    Nice to see Senator Johnson and others on there.

    Though I might not agree with Senator Johnson on some issues, I still highly respect him. You rarely see politicians willingly get so involved with the online community.

  4. Adam Fogle says:


    If it did, then tonight’s episode would be “ripped from the headlines.” Only, before the headlines were even printed.

    Man, I hate it when those shows say “ripped from the headlines.”

    And speaking of hate… why does Will Hinton think he is better than everyone?

    Seriously Will, we all know that you are a free thinking, independent, mature adult who is above childish billion-dollar nonsense like Facebook. You don’t have to remind us with every single negative BS comment you post on Peach Pundit.

    We get it. Now get over yourself.

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