Time to Resign

The Board of Commissioners in Bibb County has asked for the resignations of every member of the Tax Assessors Board in the ongoing drama.

Bibb County commissioners have given the four members of the Macon-Bibb County Board of Tax Assessors a week to resign.

After that, mandatory removals are on the table.

Armed with an eight-page report recently issued by the state Department of Revenue – a report that was highly critical of assessors – commissioners emerged from a closed session Tuesday and voted unanimously to ask the entire board of assessors to resign by Nov. 29.

I’ll continue my lone effort to have me put on the board now.

One comment

  1. Maurice Atkinson says:


    Effective problemsolving vs. politics. In my opinion the commissioners chose politics.

    Maurice Atkinson, who became the county’s newest assessor when he was appointed to the board in 2005, also declined to resign and pledged to utilize his due process rights.

    But, visibly frustrated, he also questioned the value in staying.

    “I didn’t sign up for the drama,” he said. “Name one thing I’ve done that’s been wrong. My work speaks for itself. … If this was the way government was supposed to operate, I want no part of it.”


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