Three losing candidates join a lawsuit….

against Georgia’s use of the Diebold voting machines. It’s a nice bipartisan affair too:

Mary Wilhite, a Republican candidate for a state House seat in Cherokee County, Woody Holmes, an independent write-in candidate for a seat in south Fulton, and Donzella James, a Democratic candidate for the 13th Congressional District, joined VoterGa representatives at the Capitol to say the results of their elections had caused them to join the lawsuit.

Wilhite, who lost a close race in a July primary, said the recount process was bogus because it only replicated original results. Holmes said he lost confidence in the election because Fulton elections officials initially told him he got only two write-in votes. They later told him he got 217 votes. A Fulton elections spokeswoman acknowledged Tuesday that Holmes was given bad information but denied it was a result of faulty machines.

James, who was soundly defeated in the primary by incumbent Rep. David Scott (D-Ga.), said she didn’t trust the results and called for the machines to produce a voter-verified paper ballot, which voters can use to compare their choices with the touch-screen machine. State officials are experimenting with such paper trails, but the Legislature hasn’t required them.

Lose an election, join a lawsuit. Of course their losses had nothing to do with voters preferring different candidates. No that can’t be it – it must be those evil machines.


  1. Adam Fogle says:

    Actually, buzz, it’s a nice “tri-partisan” affair.

    None of these elections was even close.

    James lost to Scott by 35 points in the primary.

    Wilhite took the primary by 1.2 points at 42.2% and lost the runoff by only 35 votes out of 1,439 cast – so she may have had a legitimate gripe for a very thorough recount, but has no proof of voter machine malfunctions.

    And Holmes, well, who’s he?

    Moral of the story?  We need to stop litigating elections without reasonable cause, children.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Wilhite…said the recount process was bogus because it only replicated original results.

    No matter what, it definitely couldn’t be because the original results were correct. Heavens, no!

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