Thank You All

In regards to my bleg earlier about the soldier, the situation appears to be resolved. Thanks so much to the dozens of you who volunteered assistance. I really do appreciate it.

And note to all readers, lots of you have apparently gotten massive fines for speeding in Pembroke without even realizing you went from a 55 mph to a 35 mph speed zone — same thing happened in this case and the ticket was over $800.00.

So, avoid Pembroke. Maybe we do need to get a billboard put up there.


  1. Chris says:

    If the General Assemby really wanted to win points in my book, they’d pass a law that says neither the state nor any political subdivision gets to keep any revenue generated through tickets issued for saftey reasons.

    Then we’ll finally have the cops pulling people over who are dangerous and not just pulling people over to fund county services.

    Same thing with drug forfeiture proceedes.

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