Monroe County Greed

For 14 years Monroe County and Bibb County agreed on where their county line was, even though it was officially considered disputed. Then Bibb County got the Bass Pro Shop and massive retail development on the Monroe County line. In constructing the Bass Pro Shop, Bibb County went out of its way to make sure that none of the store or distribution facility would ever be considering a part of Monroe County. That apparently got the Monroe Commissioners mad.

Harold Carlisle, the Monroe County Commission Chair, and Charlie Biship, his counterpart in Bibb County, have worked very, very hard on a compromise that would end the dispute over the line. Bibb County approved, but several greedy commissioners in Monroe who are jealous of the success in North Bibb County have now obstructed the deal.

Without taking a formal vote, the Monroe County Commission on Tuesday night ignored a recommendation by a Monroe grand jury and rejected a compromise agreement with Bibb County to settle the boundary dispute between the two counties, again throwing the matter back to the state to decide.

Last month, it appeared a two-year dispute about the county line was almost over when Bibb County commissioners unanimously approved a compromise agreement brokered by the two commission chairmen that would have kept the border pretty much the way it has been observed for the past 14 years.

But three of Monroe’s commissioners, Jim Ham, Mike Bilderback and Larry Evans, refused to consider the compromise Tuesday night, asking instead that the county request the state appoint a surveyor to determine the line.

Monroe Commission Chairman Harold Carlisle and Bibb Commission Chairman Charlie Bishop had drafted the compromise in hopes of avoiding the estimated $465,000 cost for the survey, which would be split between the two counties.

“I see I’ve wasted my time,

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  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    The Monroe County Commission Chairman asked me to post this. He’s right.

    “Erick is right on the money with his post, but from the
    lack of comments it proves my position. No one except
    the Greedy Three really gives a DAMN where the line
    is. I say set it and move on with no out of pocket
    from either County. “

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