A Fact I Didn’t Know

About the Governor’s soon to be former press secretary.

Heather Hedrick Teilhet, who has been Perdue’s press secretary since December 2004, said she is quitting to become executive director of the WellStar Institute for Better Health in Marietta. The Institute is a think tank that will look at ways to improve health care by studying things such as how to provide better medical care for the uninsured. Before joining Perdue’s staff, she served as the media spokeswoman for the state parole board and on the staff of former Gov. Roy Barnes and the state Senate. Teilhet is married to state Rep. Rob Teilhet (D-Smyrna). Her replacement has not been announced.

Wow. I bet that could make for some awkward situations.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    perhaps she is a non partisan spokeswoman? Mr. Dent worked on Schrenko’s campaign, and no one would confuse him for a Republican.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Ditto, Decatur.

    Oh, and Sonny wouldn’t hire Democrat press secretaries, Tommy. She is a Republican.

    And, Rob Teilhet isn’t a screaming liberal Democrat like Alisha Morgan Thomas is.

  3. Adam Fogle says:

    That is actually pretty old news.

    Well, if you look at the title of the post, it says, “A Fact I Didn’t Know.”

    Notice the “I.” That makes it first person – not second or third person. Were it to say, “A Fact Decaturguy, Bill Simon, et. al. Did Not Know,” then it would be a different story.

    But it doesn’t.  So get over yourselves.


  4. Bill Arp says:

    Hey Bill – you lack of knowledge of the political spectrum is obvious. Rob Teilhet is one of the most moderate members that the D’s have. In fact many R’s are trying to get him to switch because he is so level headed. Your comparison of him to Alisha is a testament to your tunnel vision. What is next, are you gonna compare arleen specter to ralph reed?


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