It’s morning in Georgia

So says Jim Wooten, fresh off of his vacation to Brazil, who points out that, while the Democratic party has hardly been weaker in this state (citing Vernon Jones’ potential Senate campaign as evidence) — and the GOP rarely stronger — the national results of November 7 should still send a stern message to the state’s GOP to “get their governing act together.”

He continues:

Republicans under the Gold Dome should use their advantage to explain, promote and enact conservative principles. Stand for something or go home. Contain the growth of government. Cut taxes and don’t play hide-the-tax-increase games. Turn as much of government as possible over to the private sector, but write strong and clear laws governing performace; build walls that guarantee accountability between government and the private sector; and make it all open from the first day so that we’re not simply governmentizing the private sector and putting the potential abuses beyond elections.

Cost-benefit analysis of programs, spending and proposed regulations, always. Bring competition to education, too. Be bold. Try new things. But explain, keeping in mind that Georgians are suspicious of government and want clear and forthright explanations of what elected officials are doing and why.Time is of the essence. Conservatives don’t have 40 years to change government. The GOP nationally had a dozen years. In the state, the GOP can do essentially nothing and survive a decade. If they want more time, they’ll have to do something constructive that actually makes a difference.

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  1. Rick Day says:

    Wow. Wooten finally did it!

    He had to go all the way to SA, but finally he has smoked SOMETHING that allows him clarity!

    Smoke on, Brother Wooten!


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