Put Me On the Board of Tax Assessors

This is truly nuts. I mean good grief! Macon is already a laughing stock in the state. That we can’t even keep it together in the Tax Assessors Office is just nuts!

Put me on the Board of Tax Assessors! It’s appointed, isn’t it?

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  1. It is an appointed position. And from my own personal observations, the local tax assessors and their boards are some of the least strictly supervised positions as far as training goes. When it comes to county officials, assessors seem to be the red-headed step child of the lot. From what I remember, they are pretty much independent and do not belong to the larger County Officers Association of Georgia.

    Clerks of Court, Probate Judges, Tax Commissioners, and Sheriffs all have solid organizations along with being a part of COAG. And they recognize the fact that when one of their own does something wrong, it reflects on them all as a whole. As a result, those individual organizations and COAG do a lot of self-policing including working with their legislators to pass strict laws that spell out mandatory training and consequences for not participating.

    Many boards of assessors are made up of farmers or large land owners that don’t truly understand the position and its responsiblities. It’s almost as if they’re doing whomever asked them to serve a favor. Many of them don’t go to training sessions. They tend to leave the heavy lifting to the local office and act as their rubber stamp.

    BTW, boards of registrars are sort of run the same way. That is, until there’s a huge problem with voter registration and a lawsuit is filed.

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