Fight! Fight! Fight!

This was previously covered in Peach Pundit, but we’ll put it up again.

n a relatively bizarre episode, the law showed up at the offices of one of Macon’s best-known law firms Halloween afternoon.

Apparently, fisticuffs between the firm’s two principals had already been broken up, and a profanity-laced tirade had subsided. The details shift a bit depending on who’s telling the story, but it’s worth telling.

First, a little background: Russell Boston is a Macon lawyer and the Democratic Party’s 3rd Congressional District chairman. He appears on a local television show about legal issues and has been part of various boards and groups pushing social change in Macon. Brian Passante is Boston’s partner at Boston-Passante.

And they are partners with Lauren Benedict who was running against Allen Freeman.

The rumor now is that Brian Passante is going to start a new law firm with Ed Ennis after Ed loses the December 5th runoff for Superior Court Judge. According to a source familiar with leases in the Gateway Plaza here in Macon, Brian and Ed are just waiting until after the December 5th runoff to finalize things.

Russell has previously stated he wanted to be County Chairman in Bibb County. That just might be up in smoke now.


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