Senator Vernon Jones?

I highly doubt it. But the AJC is reporting that the “flamboyant and sometimes controversial” DeKalb County CEO is considering a run for the U.S. Senate against Saxby Chambliss in 2008.

“Do I believe that I could contribute on a national level? I believe that I can make a difference, but it’s left up to Georgians to make that decision,” Jones said in a recent interview.

Although he would not confirm he is eyeing the seat now held by Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) in the 2008 election, Jones said he plans to spend some time in Iowa and New Hampshire, the states that hold the earliest presidential votes, attracting the parties’ top operatives. Jones said he wants to go “just to talk to people and listen.”

In a TV interview aired on WSB Thursday night, Jones did not specifically deny he was considering a run.

“I do believe Georgia needs another conservative Democrat and I think I represent that conservative base,” he said.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    Vernon’s time has past. Early on, before the scandals, the massive security details, the tax increases, he might have made a decent Statewide candidate, but it’s too late now.

  2. ColinATL says:

    Homigosh, I saw this article this morning and I laughed hysterically!!! I’m a DeKalb Democrat, but I fall in the Mike Jacobs camp, meaning I’m no fan of all the crap Vernon Jones pulls.

    Can you imagine the guy trying to convince Georgians that the incident with the woman who accused him of raping her in the midst of a three-way was a complete fabrication? That he’s an angel?

    He’s ridiculous. And I’m sure he’s going to find a way to get DeKalb to pay for his trips to New Hampshire and Iowa…

  3. atlantaman says:

    I wish Vernon all the luck in the world in his quest to get the people of Iowa and New Hampshire to vote for him in his race for the US Senate.

  4. Fiddes says:

    Likelihood of Vernon ever winning statewide: No. Way. In. Hell.

    buzzbrockway is right. Between the rape allegations, the charge that he assaulted a constitutent who disagreed with him, his outrageous security detail, his staffing of the DKPD higher ranks with racists, etc….this guy is a non-starter from the beginning.

  5. Rick Day says:

    Yes, we had a similar cookie-cutter Tall, Teflon African American Male mayor in Dallas, TX back during the 2000 elections, running against John Cornyn.

    Ron “I did not finance terrorism, sorta”) Kirk, Dallas. Willie (‘I didn’t get that teacher pregnant while school superintendent”) Herrendon of Memphis. Vernon (“Sir 3-way”) Jones of DeKalb.

    You gotta love politics!

  6. Bull Moose says:

    There are a lot of people in politics who missed that “golden opportunity”. They played too cautiously and the opportunity for higher office passed them by.

    I think that Saxby will face a VERY tough race in 2008.

    Every Democrat in this state is against him.

    Interesting to watch, however, the real race I’m already ready for is the race to succeed Sonny Perdue…

  7. drjay says:

    the toughness of saxby’s race will be dependent on the dem nominee more than anything–they have shown a penchant for nominating piss poor candidates the last couple of elections

  8. RuralDem says:

    “Every Democrat in this state is against him.”

    Well, when you run the type of campaign he ran in 2002 what do you expect?

    I’m hoping that a Democrat with mainstream Georgia values (ie: a centrist) will run against Senator Chambliss. I would hope that my fellow Democrats on the blog are in agreement with me that we need a shift to the middle. Obviously the middle is where both parties want to go, but it is obvious that both parties are ignoring the middle and simply shifting to their respective sides.

  9. Bill Simon says:


    Ah, but you don’t know the history of that comment: In 2004, Vernon was on the stage, unabashedly throwing support behind Westmoreland for Congress.

  10. rightofcenter says:

    Very tough race?
    Saxby may have a lot of work to do, but who do the Dems have that could run a serious statewide race? He doesn’t even show up on the long list of possible national targets, so most of the money would have to come in state. Who is going to pony up other than the trial lawyers?

    Cathy Cox has pretty much knocked herself out of it. Jim Marshall could possibly run a competitive race, but that would mean that his seat would almost certainly revert to the Republicans. Thurbert Baker might be a possibility, but he’d be a big underdog. Mike Thurmond? No way. No state rep. or senator has the statewide ID to do it. It would almost have to be someone outside of elective office at present.

  11. jsm says:

    Call me crazy, but I think Congressman David Scott may be the guy. He has projected a pro-faith image, he’s not from inside 285, and his district would most likely stay in Democrat hands. His name recognition would need some work, but it seems to me that he’s been quietly climbing the Democratic political ladder. He’s polished, and he speaks well. Keep your eye on him.

  12. gatormathis says:

    Keep your eye on Saxby.

    Unless he really screws up, you will have a definite uphill battle going.

    Here’s to hoping the Sax can keep his momentum together.

  13. rightofcenter says:

    David Scott would be an attractive candidate, but I think he would get waxed. I don’t think he’s another Harold Ford Jr., who already had high name recognition before the election.

    Could an African-American win statewide in a high-profile race against a well-financed incumbent? Call me skeptical.

  14. MediaGuyAtl says:

    I believe that our State legislature will change the DeKalb Government and send the CEO position packing. The previous posts prove Vernon will not find support here in Georgia. Just read the previous posts and you have already written and produced the first half dozen TV commericals that Saxby will run during the race. Enough Vernon! Your 5 minutes of your self described “fame” is over.

  15. thrillsman says:

    You guys need to WAKE UP! All the republicans have accomplished in the past 8 years is that they have basically ERIDICATED THE MIDDLE CLASS in america. The republicans don’t support programs like PEACHCARE (SCHIP) or education. But they do support WARS & BIG BUSINESS like OIL companies; Pharmaceutical compaines; & HALLIBURTON!

    Vernon has an impeccable record of service as a State Legislator & as Chief Executive of DeKalb County. Vernon was a sponsor of Peachcare as a legislator & as CEO he has been able to DELIVER balance budgets; improve infrastructure; DUAL AAA credit rating; preserve greenspace & water resources; & promote Green Energy! Ohh, by the way he has CREATED JOBS! Y’all people need to stop HATING on a person who has proven to be EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT in his position to deliver services to TAXPAYERS!


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