Kingston for High Office

Peach Pundit Contributor Jack Kingston is seeking a promotion within the House GOP Leadership.

Positioning himself as a youthful, tech-savvy communicator in a digital age, U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia is campaigning to become the third-ranking Republican in a reshuffled House leadership team.

With the soon-to-be minority party voting on its new officers, Kingston has been waging a high-tech campaign to become chairman of the House Republican Conference – using his blog and a video address posted on the Web site YouTube to lobby his colleagues.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    The more I see the decisions being made by the current caucuses (or is it caucii?) in DC, the less faith I have in democracy as a whole. I am just utterly disappointed in the entire process right now.

    John Boehner is a good guy and I am sure he will be a good Minority Whip, but Roy Blunt is a midwestern Tom DeLay and Adam Putnam will do nothing to promote the message of the Republican Party. One thumb sideways and two thumbs way down for their choices.

    Nancy Pelosi is elected UNANIMOUSLY while supporting John Murtha over Steny Hoyer. (Don’t tell me the entire caucus is looking out for the citizens of this country who gave them a majority by electing conservative Democrats.) Steny Hoyer has already had his legs cut off by a San Francisco liberal Speaker and the new Congress won’t be sworn in for a month and a half. I don’t know beat out Who and What for Democratic Conference chair – enough said. Three thumbs way down.

    If I am the head of the Libertarian Party right now, I would be pulling out all the stops right now and getting in touch with folks like Citizens Against Government Waste immediately. The time is nigh if they can get their ducks in a row.

  2. DougieFresh says:

    If you are the head of the Libertarian party, I would love to see you get L’s to run in the competetive House seats in Georgia.

    If a libertarian had run in 8 and 12, both races would have gone to runoff, and more than likely Pelosi would have had 2 less votes for her speakership.

    What is the bar for running house members in georgia in the GE, and what are the prospects of convincing the Republican controlled government that Libertarians help Republicans when they are on the ballot in runnoff states.

  3. Jason Pye says:


    If Georgia would relax ballot access laws, then we would run in Congressional districts.

    No third party or independent has run in Georgia in over 40 years.

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