Get Bush out of Chamblee.

A Chamblee City Councilman wants a quote by President Bush removed from the Chamblee City Hall:

“I want that thing down,” said Councilman Mark Wedge, a salesman who labels himself independent. “In comparison to these great presidents(Kennedy and Jefferson), I have this guy represent the wall of our city? No, it has to go.”

In the frame, Bush’s words are accompanied by photos of a bald eagle, the American flag and a title, “Commitment.”

The quote: “We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter; and we will not fail. Peace and freedom will prevail.”

The six-member council is expected to debate the matter at its monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

Glad to hear Chamblee is so well run they can deal with trivial issues like this one.


  1. richardr says:

    Either his hatred has blinded him from reason, he disagrees with the quote or both. Either way He is not fit to lead.

  2. memberg says:

    Hey, shut up about Chamblee. Chrisishardcore and I are both natives. I’m sure he would agree that Chamblee is the best ITP community out there. So shove it.

  3. defnotrep says:

    Speaking of trivia and off-subject….Erick can we have a post regarding the first bill to be pre-filed for the next session….the one outlawing abortion in GA.

    I wonder if this bill has a chance of passing and being signed by the Governor. Can you put the bill up???

  4. Bill Simon says:

    If such a law were to pass, I would predict a loss of Republican leadership of this state within 4 years.

    That is, at minimum, the House or the Governorship.

  5. Chris says:

    It has the same ring to it as the high chancellor’s mantra “England Prevails” in the movie V. When I see images of Bush being held up as an example of a great leader while he’s still got us bogged down in so much muck, I can’t help but think about all those murals of Hussein and Stalin all over the place.

  6. Chris says:

    Sure it’s common to have photos of the sitting president, in federal offices where he’s supposed to be where the buck actually stops. It’s not so fine for purposes of idolatry in churches and county courthouses, especially when his legacy is destined to be the most horrendous of any president in this country’s history.

    And bully for you if you weren’t one of the ones trying to tear his presidency apart. Your party could think of nothing else but destroying the man and his esteemed office.

  7. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Do not most state offices also have a pic of the President also? I am thinking specifically of the DMV and their pics of the Gov and the Pres. sometimes Cheney too.

  8. gatormathis says:

    Put up all the Republicans in office. Let the people have some decent people to look at when they visit their offices.

    Better than a bunch of Clinton photos.

    I remember seeing the Clinton pictures in gov’t offices years ago.

    I also remember a female friend saying she hated the Clinton photograph. She said everywhere she went, it looked as if his eyes were “following” her.

    Considering how horny that bassard was, she was probably right.

  9. Dorabill says:

    Who care’s about Bush? The real way to know who’s who in Chamblee is how they pronounce it. If they say ChamblEE like that stupid Volvo commercial they should be extricated from society.

  10. Mad Dog says:

    I think the new GOP Legislature will handle this situation with a hand full of new bills.

    Pictures of Georgie Bush, Misfire Cheney will be hung in every public building along with a legally sanctioned wording of the Nine Commandments and a color enhanced picture of an aborted fetus.

    The floor debate will be over who’s version gets passed.

  11. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Chamblee is well run and I can’t believe they are actually going to waste taxpayers time discussing this in a public meeting. Let’s discuss the possibility of annexing a few more streets off Harts Mill. Now we’re talking about something that’s not a waste of time.

    For equal time maybe they should add the quote of John Kerry, “..if you don’t get good grades… you’ll end up in Iraq!”

    Attention shoppers! Chamblee Walmart Opens Soon!

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