Right on Schedule

I’ve been waiting for this. It seems that one week after the election, every year, the newspapers feel obligated to run a story on campaign signs left out. They typically also do one before the election about the evil signs in the right-of-way and signs getting stolen.

A week removed from the election, sprinklings of stick-borne campaign signs still dot the roads and busy intersections of Macon.

Many of the local candidates appear to have cleaned up the placards they planted, but some statewide office seekers maintain a rigorous presence in the public right of way.

I think we’re going to keep the signs up at Peach Pundit.


  1. Fogle says:


    There’s a place down here in Savannah – Sticky Fingers – that is offering a free appetizer to customers who bring in campaign signs (limit one sign per person per visit).

    Maybe, rather than editorialize about the “problem,” these folks could encourage numerous businesses with a stake in the community to do something similar.

    Obviously, if enough people want the signs gone, businesses would certainly MAKE money on the deal – by bringing in more customers – and the community would be restored to pre-election-time status.

  2. atlantaman says:

    If you offered a lottery ticket in exchange for a sign people would be ripping the signs out of each other’s hands.

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