Another Cagle Committee

Lt. Governor-elect Casey Cagle has been a very busy man:

Lt. Gov.-elect Casey Cagle has appointed a transition committee to set policy and procedures for his office. It’s what’s traditionally called a “blue-ribbon committee,


  1. Mad Dog says:

    How fitting that the names Wilheit and Gilliland remain connected to Cagle.

    Mr Phillip Wilheit, isn’t he on the board of Directors, GBTB? And, didn’t GBTB give Cagle his two college degrees? I do mean GIVE. Mr. Cagle has never graduated college. Nope. Mr. Phillip Wilheit is the Chairman of the Board, GBT. Nice banking connection.

    Is that Tom Gilliland the same Thomas C. Gilliland of Fannin County Broadcasting? United Familiy Finance? United Community Banks? United Community Mortgage Services? United Community Insurance? United Community Development?

    OUCH! When did the banking industry buy the Lt. Governor’s office?

    Ops! November 7, 2006.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    And to point out the clear conflict of interests.

    Cagle et al, like most astute Board Members, usually take no salary. They recieve stock options, which are hugely underpriced — compared to the ‘street’ price — and can be cashed in at a time of the holder’s choosing.

    So, to make money, they must raise stock price, by hook or crook. Mostly, by crook, if you’re deep in the government.

  3. northside elephant says:

    Mad Dog,

    Go ahead and report your brilliant discoveries to the GBI, Ethics Committee and Attorney General. Other than pissing you off what is wrong with appointing associates that you know and trust to your transistion team?

    What a pathetic attempt to portray the Lt. Gov-elect as corrupt. It is only humorous to me because you’ve clearly wasted some time “investigating” the matter.

  4. northside elephant says:

    In my experience it is usually losers and people who’ve failed in life that hate corporations and executives. They tend to believe in wild conspiracies and that there is inherent corruption involved with all power.

  5. ColinATL says:

    Are we in store for more redistricting, is that the point of that last sentence? Maybe I’m being dim, but I don’t see the obviousness of the woman’s selection…


  6. Mad Dog says:

    Northside Dumbo,

    In 2000, your new lt. governor was found guilty of an ethics violation. He obscured the occupations of his donors from public scrutiny by calling some of these same men, businessmen.

    If Cagle doesn’t know who serves on the bank board with him, he’s an idiot.

    If he doesn’t disclosure the financial support from banking executives, he’s corrupt.

    You get to choose. After all, you believe in choice except when a woman makes the choice.

  7. Mad Dog says:

    And, dumbo;

    Only losers refuse to answer simple questions like the one I asked you on another thread.

    You stated you financially supported Nancy Schaefer. Do you live and vote in the 50th District?

    It has been my humble experience that when I kick someone’s butt, the loser follows me around trying to get even.

    See you again, soon.

  8. jsm says:

    Wow, MD. 5 out of 9 posts on this subject. This must really bother you. Keep digging–maybe it will keep you busy.

    BTW, regarding your snide little comment about “believ(ing) in choice except when a woman makes the choice,” conservatives reserve any woman’s right to choose anything except murder.

  9. ColinATL says:

    northside elephant,

    I’m just wondering what experience you have that tells you people who have a problem with corporations and/or executives are “losers and people who have failed in life”? There are lots of intelligent and successful people who are skeptical of the incestuous old boys clubs that make up the majority of corporate board rooms in this county. Many scientists and engineers that I know, for example.

    In any case, your flip and broad assertion shows how limited your experience truly must be.

  10. Mad Dog says:


    So that means you’re for lesbian marraige?

    “right to choose anything except murder.”


    p.s. Can you count high enough to keep track of my posts on this thread? Maybe that will keep you busy.

  11. jsm says:


    History will teach you that “lesbian [marriage]” is a misnomer. How does this apply to the subject of this thread, anyway?

  12. Mad Dog says:


    Why don’t you take your foot out of your mouth and explain it?

    You’re the one that jumped in and changed the subject. You said:

    Wow, MD. 5 out of 9 posts on this subject. This must really bother you. Keep digging–maybe it will keep you busy.

    BTW, regarding your snide little comment about “believ(ing) in choice except when a woman makes the choice,

  13. Mad Dog says:


    Glad you responded, Thanks.

    Now, exactly why did you feel a need to respond to a personal jab directed at Northside Dumbo?

    Dumbo and I have personal business that does not involve you. If Dumbo can’t defend his point of view, in this thread, in other threads, and in real life, and won’t even respond to simple questions … for example … why are you donating money to Nancy Schaefer when you don’t live in the 50th District?

    You want to get between me and Dumbo? You want something personal?

    You don’t even know what it means in the context of the personal rancor between me and Dumbo when I say to him:

    “After all, you believe in choice except when a woman makes the choice.

  14. jsm says:

    Dude, take a glycerin and relax for a minute. Last I heard, this is a public forum where I can respond to anything I want. Personal jab or not, I took issue with something you wrote. I don’t give a rip about your personal issues with another poster, and I don’t care what you think about Nancy Schaefer. This isn’t an elementary school playground, and I’m not getting in between anyone or making anything personal. I chose to respond in principle to one sentence, and I stand behind what I wrote.

    Now, who has his foot in his mouth?

  15. Jace Walden says:

    Mad Dog,

    I happen to know Tom Gilliland and his family. You are way off base. Tom is a man of honor and integrity. Yes, he has been very successful in his life, but he is not a criminal and he is not “buying” the Lt. Governor’s office. You have absolutely nothing to base your opinions of him on other than the fact that you don’t like Cagle. This has nothing to do with an “investigation”. It’s just sour grapes. But leave Tom out of it.

  16. Mad Dog says:


    Dude, you are so wrong.

    Pull up Mr. Clean’s company, Strateia with the Secretary of State.

    It legally existed for 3 months.

    Now pull up his various SEC filings. He uses his position as President of Strateia until 2002.

    The company didn’t exist when Cagle and his committee members filed the 1998 prospectus for Southern Heritage Bancshares.

    Ask Tom if Cagle has two college degrees like the GBTB press release? Ask Tom what Cagle has his degrees in? Ask him what year Cagle graduated?

    If evil exists, etc etc, then Tom is helping evil along.

    Ask him

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