A Coup in Bibb’s Local Delegation?

Not really, but it does make for a good, salacious headline! This news is interesting for the local folks in Bibb County and represents a significant change from the past.

The Bibb County legislative delegation – now with a five-three Republican majority – convened a GOP summit at Cheddar’s Casual Cafe Wednesday morning.

For the first time in recent memory, the group elected Republicans as chairman and vice chairman of the local delegation.

Sen. Cecil Staton becomes chairman and Rep. Allen Freeman was named vice chairman.

It marks a departure from past procedures when the senior member of the delegation served as chairman. In the past, the senior member was generally a Democrat and Democrats held a majority of the delegation.

Staton replaces Rep. David Lucas, a Democrat and chairman since 1999.

None of Bibb County’s three Democratic legislators attended the Cheddar’s summit. Staton said the Democrats were invited.

Now, the Democrats claim they were not invited, but I know for a 100% fact that invites were hand delivered to their secretaries in Atlanta at the legislature. The most interesting bit of this comes from David Lucas, never one to miss a good sound bite.

“I got a call from Allen Peake on my cell phone this morning,


  1. LymanHall says:

    How could the Democrats go to the meeting on such short notice when they were in Atlanta voting on their leadership for the upcoming legislative session?

  2. drjay says:

    is there really a pressing need for the 5 member bibb delegation to be organized into a “caucus” to begin w/–seems extraneous and self important to me…

  3. macongop says:

    I can not wait for the first meeeting with the Mayor, City Council and the Bibb County Commissioners with the delegation. There will be some very large fireworks going off at that meeting. I’m just going to go and get one of the old posters that was put on all the GOP signs 4 years ago here in Macon. That should really set the tone.

  4. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    Congrats to Senator Staton. As in everything he does, he will be a good, firm leader for Bibb delegation.

  5. macongop says:

    It was the GOP = KKK posters on every sign out there. We caught the guys putting them up that morning. I was out putting up signs on election day during the last push for the voters to go vote on election day.

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