Quote of the Day: the Mike Jacobs edition

“People who hold public office should be willing to call the ad featuring Franklin, Lewis and Young what it is – wrong. I was appalled when I first listened to this transparently cynical attempt to polarize and inflame the electorate. I still am.


  1. atlantaman says:


    I appreciate your comments and your condemnation of the ad, but there seems to be an attempt by some here in Fulton to defend the ad by claiming it’s a tit-for-tat on something that Republicans did somewhere else.

    I’ve never seen the Harold Ford ad. I’ve heard it was controversial and that people were mad about a white woman in it, but since I don’t live in Tennessee I haven’t been exposed to it.

    I guess there is no logical defense of the Franklin ad (other then a sincere apology which has not been given by Franklin, Lewis or Young yet) so the only thing one can say is, “Well the GOP ran a mean ad in Montana and Ohio.” Which is ridiculous since we are talking about a liberal Republican running for Fulton County Commission Chair.

    I saw a picture on the cover of the AJC of John Lewis sobbing for his old friend MLK at the dedication in Washington. I wonder if he was overcome with shame for comparing the struggles and sacrifices of the civil rights movement, Bull Connor and attack dogs to Lee Morris’ bid to be Commission Chair.

  2. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    I think your link may be leading people to the wrong ad…the one I’m listening to is quite benign and is devoid of racial overtones entirely. I’m anxious to hear whatever ad this is, but I don’t think that this could possibly be the right one.

  3. benevolus says:

    So-o-o-0, let’s see here; Republicans have been trying to restrict voting rights (photo I.D.), and Handel promised to make sure only legal citizens can vote (which is already the case, duh), and Andre chooses to criticize a last minute campaign effort by civil rights leaders attempting to protect the rights won by them and their peers- some of who died to secure those rights.
    Oh wait, it’s a chance to bash the Fulton County Dem Party again. Meet the new thread…

  4. one big D says:

    hahaha, Andre wayyy to jump on the Republican bandwagon. Boy I hope they are paying you some money for your gleeful Uncle Dem dance routine.

    By the way, why don’t you write an “Open Letter to Congressman Lewis” for his “over the top” ad.

  5. I hope you all see what’s going on here.

    When given the chance to be on the right side of this issue and join Democratic state Rep. Mike Jacobs in condemning this irresponsible ad, three commenters decide to attack me.

    Their attacks, well, that’s just politics…but the way they’re willing to appeal to the lowest form of campaigning, fear, just to win a few votes is just plain wrong.

  6. one big D says:

    and where was the great Andre when his beloved Mark Taylor slaughtered Cathy via mail, robocalls, and on tv.

    Now that you’re on Peach Pundit…I guess you’re just so darn impartial and righteous now.

    Didn’t you work at the DPG this past season and participated in slandering Republicans? I swear I remember Tahir saying you volunteered for every job at the DPG.

    Maybe if you were doing YOUR share in Fulton County then Shirley and company would not have had to move the base so much. Now that is plain wrong that you sat on your butt and didn’t help Eaves in your own precinct.

  7. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Harold Ford IS a white womanizer, I know many black men that enjoy the company of white women, what’s wrong with that? Corker was not right with his ad but it does not compare to this one. Race baiting is par for the course for our black leaders here in Atlanta. Come on, Maynard Jackson, Bill Campbell were famous for race baiting in campaigns. I’m disappointed in Shirley because I thought she was above all that. She has been a good leader for Atlanta, trying to clean up the mess Campbell left. Do you honestly think we would go back to the days or fire hoses and race wars? Andre great site and we better learn to get along, Dems, Repubs and Indy’s because Iran will live up to their threats and with the Dems in control they are basically throwing out any protections we have had. See you with the 72 virgins! LOL

  8. CobbGOPer says:

    How amusing to see how Democrats really work. No criticism is accepted or allowed, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. Step out of line, and the Angry Left will be all over you with claims of “Uncle Tom.”

    While I doubt that this is impetus enough for Andre to start voting Republican, I do hope it helps open his eyes more to the illogical nature of the Democrat party and their mantra of “Free Speech – as long as it’s the same speech as ours…”

  9. DougieFresh says:

    I’ve seen the Ford ad, and to me it just portrays the typical Playboy club girl. If it had been a black women, they would have called that racist too.

    The point, in my opinion, was to paint Ford as a playboy, not someone coming to steal your white daughters. The racism claims reveal more about the people making the claims than the ad does about the people who made it.

  10. benevolus says:

    I am defending those who defend their right to vote against those who try to take it away. It is demonstrable beyond doubt that Georgia Republicans have attempted unconstitutional restrictions on the voting process, using excuses like “blacks in my district won’t vote unless they get paid”. I would expect nothing less of John Lewis. Of course he’s pissed. We all should be.

    I saw Rep. Lewis here the day after the entire African-American delegation walked out of the Georgia capitol in protest of the photo ID bill. I don’t know if he had been in attendence the night before, but I have no doubt he was keenly aware of what was going on. I suspect he has not forgotten.

  11. one big D,

    There’s one big difference between the work that I did for the Georgia Democratic Party and this salacious ad put out by the John Eaves campaign.

    I never once said that if Republicans are elected, then they’ll strip away the civil rights of African-Americans, re-institute segregation, and eventually put black folks back in slavery.

    That’s what that ad by John Eaves suggests and implies.

    But this isn’t about me.

    This is about Democrats stooping to the fear-mongering level of Republicans by suggesting that if Lee Morris were elected, he’d turn waterhoses and vicious dogs on black folks like they did in the 60s.

    That ad is just as bad as Saxby Chambliss suggesting that if Max Cleland was re-elected in 2002, Osama Bin Laden would attack America again.

    The politics of fear was wrong then and it’s wrong now.

  12. benevolus says:

    Cobb GOPer- Free speech is a subject that exists in a Constitutional context. In other words, the government cannot restrict free speech (well, they can of course, but not without good reason). What we have here is a privately owned blog. Capiche? There is no “free speech” requirement here. Can you grasp the distinction? And even if there was, ‘free speech” is not the same thing as “immunity from criticism” anyway.
    Sheesh. Makes one wonder if our democracy is in serious danger.

  13. rightofcenter says:

    So, Benevolus, let me get this straight: the Fulton County Commission was going to take away the right to vote? Wow, what a powerful group!
    Who knew?

  14. one big D says:

    Like I suggested – why don’t you send an “open letter” to John Lewis? Don’t hide — send it to him. Oh and see if you can get him “censured” while you’re on your “wrong is wrong” podium.

  15. DougieFresh says:


    It is refreshing to read the comments of a Democrat who can criticize people in his party when they go over the top.

    I wish the Democrats were more reasonable, because it would mean we have a choice, and the Republicans would have to improve to stay competitive. Sadly, people like Franklin, Lewis and Young make the party look like lunatics, and when other Democrats defend them, it makes them look even worse.

    A healthy Democratic party means a healthy Republican party, which means a healthy USA.

  16. benevolus says:

    r.o.c.- If this was the only candidate that these three supported, your question might make more sense. But as Franklin has elaborated on, they have seen what Republicans (in general) have done -and have tried to do -to civil rights and voting rights over the past couple of years and they choose to oppose it.
    You would have to ask them for further clarification as to their motivation, but I think that given the scenario that the former Fulton Chair is now the SoS and is saying crap like “I will ensure that only legal citizens get to vote”, yeah, some people get nervous about who is carrying water for who and why.
    I think one could make the case that given the disgraceful conduct of Burmeister and Richardson and therefore the Republican leadership in general, anyone who calls themselves a Republican without condemning these actions is certainly a target for racially charged criticism.
    As the boss is firing the worker, he says “It’s nothing personal”, and the employee says “It may not be personal to you, but it is very personal to me!”.

    P.S.- I’m not sure, but some people might even see a racial component to the effort to split Fulton County.

  17. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    “Makes one wonder if our democracy is in serious danger.” -benevolus

    I don’t wonder because we’re not a democracy. I do wonder, however, if our Constitutional Republic is in serious danger.

  18. benevolus says:

    Of course we are a democracy. Just becasue we are not a perfect democracy doesn’t mean that we are not a democracy at all. We are probably among the most perfect democracies around, as evidenced by the recent election.

    Democracy is the type of government we strive for. Constitutional republic is the mechanism we use to achieve that. We can be, and are, both.

    What, are you allergic to anything with the letters “democra” in it?

  19. DougieFresh says:

    bene and LFoD,

    For whatever reason among certain libertarian and conservative circles, the word democracy has a bad name, and I do not think that it is currently justified.

    Originally, they were right, in that the framers of the constitution considered the word democracy to mean only direct democracy. Over time, the meaning and usages of the word changed, and democracy is not commonly known as the term to describe one of the three main forms of government, autocracy (gov’t of 1), oligarchy (gov’t of an elite class) and democracy (gov’t of the people as a whole).

    A republic simply is simply a type of democracy (representative democracy). So, calling the US a democracy is equivalent to saying your refrigerator is an appliance.

    Maybe one day this semantic argument will relinquish its place to an actual debate on a sustentative issue?

  20. atlantaman says:

    I think the whole Democracy vs. Republic is just a futile as those who’ve made it their mission to stop people from over-using the word “racist” and go back to using “biggot”.

    I know Bortz likes to correct people that use “racist” and he’s correct with his definitions, but it’s pretty much a lost cause.

  21. Bill Arp says:

    Yes this Ad was the most racist political ad I have ever seen. I wonder if they play dixie in the background of political ads in Dade County?


  22. benevolus says:

    Not a lost cause to me, atlantaman. The big shots can wheel and deal in the fancy offices, but I can slug it out in the trenches to defend the little things like proper usage of provocative words and repelling the propaganda that has been catapaulted. A small misconception on a blog can grow to widely held belief that is totally false. Like believing that anyone who shows up to a polling place with any sort of ID can cast a ballot.

    “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” Robert F. Kennedy

  23. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    I concur with benevolus (that’s a great quote btw). It’s also a matter of principle to me personally. I strive to do everything the right way and encourage others to do the same. I expect nothing less from them as well. I care too much to lower my standards.

  24. benevolus says:

    For Dougie:
    Nice post regarding democracy.
    Sometimes I think of “democracy” as an ideal, like “beauty” or “blue”. There are many variations and degrees of beauty, or blue, or democracy, but the definition isn’t even necessarily precise anyway. We may disagree on what is most beautiful, most blue, or most democratic, but most of us can probably agree on whether something is more or less beautiful or democratic than something else, and that almost nothing is perfectly “beautiful” or “blue” or “democratic”.

    However, I will take issue with your characterization of “democrats” as being unreasonable. I think people tend to see subtle distinctions in groups that are close to their own viewpoint, while lumping together those who are less similar to ourselves. For example, it is quite provocative to me for you to wish that “democrats” were more reasonable based on the actions of three of them, when I could easily pick equally unreasonable statements from Republicans. Democrats may even be less likely than Republicans to follow the pary line, making the generalizations about them even less accurate. Diversity, big tent, and all that. (But as a wise person once said, it may be a big tent, but it’s not an infinite tent.)

    From yet an earlier post: The problem with Andre is that he does not engage in a debate. He is developing consistent habits: He takes every opportunity to publicly criticize the Fulton County Dem Party (and possibly even a certain person within that organization?); there is no evidence that he makes any effort to actually improve the situations he chooses to expose, either by engaging the parties whose behavior he questions, or by defending his position in the forum in which he chooses to publish them. He drops the proverbial turd in the punchbowl and then retreats, presumably to watch the ensuing reaction (or page hit count as the case may be). This is really nothing to feel “refreshed” about if you are concerned with competition. There are plenty of criticisms, discussions, debates, and ideas ongoing that are working to “improve the breed”. Andre’s public laundry basket is not one of them. There is also no shortage of discussion forums that criticize Democrats if that’s what you want, especially if your are going to include those who tolerate false information and implied insider knowledge that doesn’t exist. Andre’s only apparent uniqueness is that he focuses on such a limited target.

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