Jim Wooten’s Question of the Day

Is here.

Today’s questions, housekeeping of sorts, has to do with the blog, the conversation and the tone. What do you look for here? What would you like to lose? And do the games others play amuse or turn you off?

Well, for starters Jim, why don’t you come blog at Peach Pundit. Hahahaha. As if the AJC would let you. Hahahaha.

Seriously, blogging is something that should just come natural. Jim, talk about what you want to talk about. We here focus on Georgia politics. Your blog is your blog. You do what you want and let the market decide if you’re on target. There are plenty of columns you want to write, but can’t make them fill the page and there are plenty of tidbits swirling around in your head needed some time for growth. Put them in the blog and see what comes of them.

That’s the brilliance of a blog. You may only have one inspired sentence or five paragraphs. It doesn’t matter. Put it down and let the world see it. You might get a comment back that turns your sentence into a column or your five paragraphs into one. Unleash, Jim. Unleash.

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